Traders are welcome.

We are always looking for new shows and to upgrade our existing shows. The best way to do that is through trading.

If you want to set up a trade, email us a VIDEO LIST ONLY!

We'll go over the list and try to set up a trade. Please understand that we are very picky when it comes to trading. Just because it is not on our list, does not mean we have to have it.

Please try to have your list well organized, in alphabetical and chronological order, complete with rating, length, etc. If your list does not have length and ratings we will not even bother looking at it.

We only send DVD (no more VHS),
however, we can accept VHS in return.

If you contact us for a trade, we expect you to send first.
Sorry but we have been ripped off to many times.

We use either Sony or TDK DVD-Rs when creating our DVDs
please use something of similar quality in return (no crappy brands).