PRO = multiple cameras, professionally filmed, usually from a TV Broadcast or in-house system used by the venue itself, etc.

AUD = audience shot, filmed (bootlegged) from the audience. These can vary in quality, sometimes crystal clear, steady, no obstructions, then sometimes some heads and shaking.

CLUB = 1 camera filmed by the club themselves, usually soundboard audio. These are usually dead center, above anything so theres no obstructions, mounted to the ceiling, or a tripod.

2-Cam / 3-Cam = These "multi-cam" shows are filmed from the audience with multiple cameras, then professionally edited together using the better of the audio sources.

SCREEN = filmed from the audience off of the screen in the venue.


NOTE: We do not list anything offically released on DVD already. If you see something on our list that is officially released on DVD let us know so we can remove it.

A+ = My copy is directly from the master

A = Low generation, excellent quality

B = A little generated, still very watchable

C = Noticable generation loss, watchable but very generated

V = Quality varies throughout, made from various sources

"+" or "-" = a little more, or a little less

Eventually, each show will have its own page that will have the tracklist, as well as a short vido clip so you can get a better idea of the quality (or lack thereof). This will become very useful when dealing with "audience shot" shows.

Any questions? please drop us an email.