W.A.S.P. (as Circus Circus) 1981 Live at The Starwood, Los Angeles, CA (Pre-WASP) 42 Aud B
W.A.S.P. (Tony Richards) 1984 Capital Records Promotional Film - The Key Club, Los Angeles, CA 12 Pro B+
W.A.S.P. (Steve Riley) 10/12/84 Live at Lauttakyla, Huittinen, Finland 23 Aud B-
W.A.S.P. 10/24/84 Live at The Lyceum Theater, London, England (unedited complete version) 58 Pro A+
W.A.S.P. 1/30/85 Live at The Sherwood Country Club, Indainapois, IN 48 Aud B
W.A.S.P. 7/5/85 Live at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA 49 Pro B+
W.A.S.P. 4/1/86 Live at The Forum, Montreal, Canada 58 Aud A+
W.A.S.P. (Johnny Rod) 9/21/86 Live at The Town & Country, London, England 29 Pro A-
W.A.S.P. 11/14/86 Live at Johanneshors Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 32 Aud B
W.A.S.P. 11/15/86 Live at Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden 34 Aud B
W.A.S.P. 1986 Tocata TV Show, Madrid, Spain 15 Pro B+
W.A.S.P. 1/27/87 Live at Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada 65 Aud A
W.A.S.P. 1984 - 1988 In The Raw - Videos, Interviews & Live 57 Pro A+
W.A.S.P. 7/24/89 Live at The Concert Hall, Toronto, Canada 81 Aud A-
W.A.S.P. 7/28/89 Live at The Tower Theater, Philadelphia, PA (lots of security ducks) 56 Aud B-
W.A.S.P. 8/22/92 Live at The Monsters of Rock Festival, Donington, England 22 Pro B+
W.A.S.P. 9/7/92 Live at LaBrique, Montreal, Canada 68 Aud A
W.A.S.P. 1992 TV Compilation - Live, Videos & Interviews 80 Pro A
W.A.S.P. 1993 The Story Of Jonathan (aborted mini movie) 22 Pro B
W.A.S.P. 1984 - 1993 Last Blood... First Visions - Video Collection 46 Pro A
W.A.S.P. (Chris Holmes) 2/1/97 Live at Markethalle, Hamburg, Germany 36 Pro B+
W.A.S.P. 8/29/98 Live at Meadowlands Convention Center, Secaucus, NJ 63 Aud 3-cam B+
W.A.S.P. 3/2/00 Live at Trinks, Scranton, PA 62 Aud B+
W.A.S.P. 9/6/01 Live at Metropol, Pittsburgh, PA 65 Aud A-
W.A.S.P. 9/8/01 Live at Harpo's, Detroit, MI 67 Aud A
W.A.S.P. 6/6/04 Live at The Gods of Metal Festival, Balogna, Italy 48 Aud A
W.A.S.P. 6/19/04 Live at The Rockwave Festival, Terra Vibe Park, Malakasa, Athens, Greece 76 Aud B+
W.A.S.P. 2/28/06 Live at Goodfellas Warehouse, Pottsville, PA 69 Aud A-
W.A.S.P. 9/6/06 Live at Kaliakra Stadium, Karvana, Bulgaria 81 Aud A-
W.A.S.P. 5/11/08 Live at City Square, Lovech, Bulgaria 95 Aud A-
W.A.S.P. 12/4/10 Live at Kwadrat Club, Krakow, Poland 67 Aud A
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 8/7-8/98 Live in Germany - COB / Gorgoroth / Iced Earth / Warrior / Anvil / Riot - more 124 Pro A
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 8/6-7/99 Live in Germany - MetalChrch/AgntSteel/RudPell/Doken/Grapow - more (filmed from camera pit) 291 1-cam A
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 8/4-5/00 Live in Germany - Borden/Hunt/Rhapsody/Reaper/Saint/ - more (filmed from camera pit) 206 1-cam A
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 8/4-5/00 Live in Germany - ArmSaint/SMFs/Hades/HeirAppnt/Engine/Demon/RoseTattoo/LizBorden 176 Pro B
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 8/2-4/01 Live in Germany - Dimmu Borgir/Sodom/Hammerfall/Saxon/Motorhead/Rage/Grave Digger, more 91 Pro A
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 7/31-8/2/03 Live in Germany - Freedom Call/Gamma Ray/Holy Moses/Lordi/Primal Fear/Testamet/T Sister 152 Pro A+
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 8/5-7/04 Live in Germany - AftrFrvr/CannCorpse/CoB/Mtrhed/Anthx/Mnemic/Dstructn/Saxon/Amarth 49 Pro A
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 8/3-5/06 Rockpalast TV Special, Germany - Scorpions / Motorhead / Celtic Frost - more 120 Pro A
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 8/2-4/07 Live in Germany - Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, Overkill, Saxon, Rage, In Flames, more) 119 Pro A+
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 7/30-8/1-09 Live in Germany - Doro/Saxon/Heaven&Hell/Motorhead/Epica/Hammerfall/GammaRay, more) 119 Pro A
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 8/4-6/11 Live in Germany - Avantasia/Sepultura/Helloween/IEarth/Motorhead/Airbrne/CoB/Trivium, more) 235 Pro A
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 8/2-4/12 Live in Germany - Volbeat / Dimmu Borgir / Overkill / Saxon / Scorpions / The Boss Hoss 240 Pro A
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 7/31-8/3/13 Live in Germany (NDR broadcast) 308 Pro A+
WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL 7/31-8/3/13 Live in Germany (ZDF broadcast) 75 Pro A+
WALSH, JOE 11/26/75 Live on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA 54 Pro A
WALSH, JOE 5/30/83 Live at The US Festival, Glen Helen Park, Devore, CA 57 Pro A-
WALSH, JOE 8/28/93 Live at Camp LeJune, Jacksonville, NC 56 Pro A-
WARLOCK 3/10/84 Live at Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, Holland 71 Aud B+
WARLOCK 1985 Live in Germany & England (from 3 shows) 58 Pro A
WARLOCK 6/85 Photo Session and Video Shoot footage, Schiefbahn, Germany 53 Pro 1-cam A
WARLOCK 6/3/85 Live at Zeche, Bochum, Germany 92 Aud A
WARLOCK 12/6/85 Live in Bonn, Germany - Production Rehearsals (2 sets filmed, whole stage and front of stage) 159 Aud B/A-
WARLOCK 12/19/85 Live at Volksbildungsheim, Frankfurt, Germany 77 Aud A-
WARLOCK 8/22/88 Live at The Beacon Theater, NYC 35 Aud B+
WARLOCK 4/29/88 Live at Harpo's, Detroit, MI 35 Aud A
WARLOCK / DORO PESCH 1984 - 2003 Video Collection - 14 Promo Videos 58 Pro V
WARRANT 3/87 Live at Gazzarri's, Los Angeles, CA 52 Pro A+
WARRANT 8/24/89 Live at Doc's, Oklahoma City, OK 80 Aud A-
WARRANT 10/6/90 Live in Tampa, FL 53 Pro A+
WARRANT 11/21/90 Live at Broome County Arena, Binghampton, NY 47 Aud A-
WARRANT 11/24/90 Live at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT 44 Aud A-
WARRANT 2/91 Live at The Limelight, New York City 78 Aud B+
WARRANT 6/16/91 Live at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan 90 Pro A
WARRANT 10/24/91 Live at The Cajun Dome, Lafayette, LA 96 Pro A+
WARRANT 1989 - 1991 Video Collection - 8 Promo Videos 32 Pro V
WARRANT 9/12/92 Live at The Monsters of Rock Festival, Reggio Emilia, Milan, Italy 29 Pro A+
WARRANT 9/18/95 Live at The Iron Horse, Crystal, MN 95 Aud A
WARRANT 11/13/96 Live at Pop's, Sauget, IL 72 Aud A-
WARRANT 11/7/98 Live at Harpo's, Detroit, MI 73 Aud A-
WARRANT 3/30/01 Live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 70 Aud A
WARRANT (Jaime St. James) 8/28/05 Live at Motorcycle Mayhem, Paul Paul Theater, Fresno, CA 62 Aud A+
WARRANT (Jani Lane reunion) 7/12/08 Live at Rocklahoma, Pryor, OK 70 Aud A-
WARRANT (Robert Mason) 7/4/10 Live at The Stars & Stripes Festival, Mt. Clemens, MI 63 Aud A
WARRANT 5/12/12 Live at M3 Rock Festival, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD 58 Pro A+
WARRIOR SOUL 11/27/92 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 74 Aud A-
WARRIOR SOUL 7/10/93 Live at Studio 1, Newark, NJ (filmed on the floor, some heads) 69 Aud A-
WATCHTOWER (Jason Mcmaster) 1/16/87 Live at The Ritz, Austin, TX (on stage cameraman) 67 Pro 1-cam A-
WATCHTOWER 3/27/87 Live at The Ritz, Austin, TX (on stage cameraman) 76 Pro 1-cam A-
WATCHTOWER 12/22/89 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 47 Aud A
WATERS, ROGER 6/2/06 Live at Rock in Rio Festival, Lisbon, Portugal 86 Pro A+
WATERS, ROGER 3/18/07 Live at Riverplate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 145 Pro A+
WATERS, ROGER 9/20/10 Live at United Center, Chicago, IL (The Wall complete) 112 Aud A+
WATERS, ROGER 10/5/10 Live at Madison Square Garden, NYC (The Wall complete) 110 Aud A
WATERS, ROGER 10/12/10 Live at Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY (The Wall complete - filmed on the floor) 109 Aud A
WAYSTED 12/16/86 Live at City Hall, Sheffield, England 44 Aud B+
WAYSTED 1983 - 1986 TV Collection (live, videos, interviews, etc.) 39 Pro V
WAYSTED 3/28/87 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 58 Aud A
WEDNESDAY 13 11/12/05 Live at Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland 79 Aud A
WEDNESDAY 13 2005 - 2006 TV Compilation (Holland, Flippaut, Rock am Ring, Videos) 46 Pro V
WEDNESDAY 13 7/9/12 Live at Exit In, Nashville, TN 72m Aud A
WHIPLASH 8/22/86 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 23 Aud A
WHIPLASH 4/13/88 Live at Zeche, Bochum, West Germany 15 Pro B
WHIPLASH 4/24/88 Live at Willem II, Den Bosch, Holland 81 Aud A-
WHITE HEAT (Pre-Firehouse) 1989 Live in Kannapolis, NC 80 Aud B+
WHITE LION 3/6/87 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 53 Club 2-cam A+
WHITE LION 2/11/88 Live at The Ritz, NYC 50 Pro A
WHITE LION 8/10/88 Live in Hollywood, FL 44 Aud B+
WHITE LION 9/18/88 Live at Shibuya Kohkaido, Tokyo, Japan 45 Pro A-
WHITE LION 1988 Japan TV Comp - Live & Interviews 40 Pro A
WHITE LION 10/22/89 Live at Olympun, Lund, Sweden 60 Aud B+
WHITE LION / EXTREME 1/11/91 Live at The L'amour Benefit Show, Brooklyn, NY 55 Club A-
WHITE LION 5/29/91 Live at Vrendenberg, Utrecht, Holland 118 Aud B+
WHITE LION 1987 - 1991 Escape from Brooklyn - 10 Promo Videos & Interviews 82 Pro A
WHITE LION, TRAMP'S 4/26/08 Live at Hard In Rio II Festival, Circo Voador, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 98 Club 3-cam A+
WHITE ZOMBIE 1988 Live at The Cat Club, New York City (filmed up front) 30 Aud B+
WHITE ZOMBIE 9/8/90 Live at Sundance, Bayshore, Long Island, NY (filed on stage) 20 Aud A-
WHITE ZOMBIE 5/3/91 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 19 Aud B
WHITE ZOMBIE 6/29/92 Live at The Palace, Los Angeles, CA 30 Aud A-
WHITE ZOMBIE 8/28/92 Live at Bogart's, Cincinnatti, Ohio 31 Pro A-
WHITE ZOMBIE 8/10/93 Live at Marquee, Norwalk, CT 42 Aud A+
WHITE ZOMBIE 2/14/94 Live at Show Palace, Marlboro, MD (dark) 68 Aud A-
WHITE ZOMBIE 5/13/95 Live at Target Center, Minneapolis, MN 79 Aud B+
WHITE ZOMBIE 5/19/95 Live at Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL 77 Aud A-
WHITE ZOMBIE 8/19/95 Live at The Bizarre Festival, Koln, Germany 29 Pro A
WHITE ZOMBIE 1/26/96 Live at The Hollywood Rock Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 68 Pro A
WHITE ZOMBIE 1997 Unreleased Home Video (live, videos, interviews, etc.) 66 Pro A-
WHITESNAKE 10/1/80 Live at The Capital Centre, Largo, MD 46 Pro A
WHITESNAKE 2/15/83 Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 95 Aud B+
WHITESNAKE 3/19/83 Live at SWF 3 Festival, Ludwigshafen, Germany 84 Pro A-
WHITESNAKE 8/14/83 Live at Ruisrock Festival, Turku, Finland 51 Aud B-
WHITESNAKE 8/20/83 Live at The Monsters of Rock Festival, Castle Donington, England 59 Pro A+
WHITESNAKE (Sykes, Powell) 4/14/84 Live at Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 94 Aud B
WHITESNAKE 4/16/84 Live on Mandagborsen TV Show, Stockholm, Sweden 16 Pro A
WHITESNAKE 8/11/84 Live at The Super Rock Festival, Seibu Stadium, Japan 56 Pro A+
WHITESNAKE 8/12/84 Live at The Super Rock Festival, Seibu Stadium, Japan (daytime set) 65 Pro A-
WHITESNAKE 1/11/85 Live at The Rock in Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (first night) 62 Pro B
WHITESNAKE 1/19/85 Live at The Rock in Rio Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (second night) 47 Pro B-
WHITESNAKE (Viv,Vandnbg,Srzo) 7/12/87 Live at Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Des Moines, IA 50 Aud A
WHITESNAKE 7/19/87 Live at Joe Lewis Arena, Detroit, MI 52 Aud B
WHITESNAKE 7/26/87 Live at The Columbus Music Center, Buckeye Lake, OH 32 Aud B-
WHITESNAKE 10/15/87 Live at The Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA 17 Pro A
WHITESNAKE 11/1/87 Live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI 70 Aud A
WHITESNAKE 12/31/87 Live at Wembley Arena, London, England 94 Aud A
WHITESNAKE 1/23/88 Live at New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT 83 Aud A-
WHITESNAKE 3/25/88 Live at The Sportatorium, Hollywood, FL 94 Aud A-
WHITESNAKE 8/3/88 Live at Memorial Auditotium, Buffalo, NY 94 Aud A
WHITESNAKE 2/15/90 Live at Knockerbocker Arena, Albany, NY 93 Aud A-
WHITESNAKE 2/19/90 Live at Memorial Auditotium, Buffalo, NY 99 Aud A
WHITESNAKE 3/24/90 Live at Miami Arena, Miami, FL (incomplete) 77 Aud B+
WHITESNAKE 6/6/90 Live at The Forum, Montreal, Canada 110 Aud B
WHITESNAKE 8/25/90 Live at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 110 Aud B+
WHITESNAKE(DMrtn,Vndbg,Srzo) 6/20/94 Live at The White Nights Festival, St. Peterberg, Russia 107 Pro A
WHITESNAKE(DMrtn,Vndbg,Srzo) 7/7/94 Live at The Sonoria Festival, Milan. Italy 52 Pro A
WHITESNAKE 11/16/97 Live at Malaja Arena, Luzhniki Sports Complex, Moscow, Russia 101 Pro A
WHITESNAKE 12/13/97 Live at Ferro Carril Oeste Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 89 Pro B+
WHITESNAKE 1978 - 2000 Rare Live & Video Compilation - Rare Live Performances and TV Appearances 176 Pro V
WHITESNAKE/COVERDALE 1977 - 2000 Video Collection - 24 Promo Videos 100 Pro V
WHITESNAKE 7/17/03 Live at Rockfest, Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin 81 Screen A
WHITESNAKE 7/28/05 Live at The Beacon Theater, NYC 105 Aud 2-cam A+
WHITESNAKE 12/2/06 Live in Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden (Acoustic with David Coverdale and Doug Aldrich) webcast 22 Pro B+
WHITESNAKE 5/23/08 Live at Plaza de Toros, Mexico City, Mexico (stationary camera) 105 Aud A
WHITESNAKE 7/22/09 Live at Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN 62 Aud A+
WHITESNAKE 5/11/11 Live at Collage Westbury Theater, Long Island, NY (clips) 35 Aud A
WHITESNAKE 7/5/11 Live at Faliro Olympic Complex, Athens, Greece 54 Aud 3-cam A+
WHITESNAKE 8/14/11 Live at TAGS, Big Flats, NY (filmed on floor) 80 Aud A-
WHITESNAKE 8/24/11 Live at Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantagh, Long Island, NY 88 Aud A+
WHITESNAKE 11/15/11 Live at City Sports Palace, Odessa, Ukraine 111 Aud A
WHITESNAKE 10/20/13 Live at Monsters of Rock, Arena Arhembi, Sao Paulo, Brazil 29 Pro A
WHO 1965 - 1967 TV and Film Archives - Volume 1 128 Pro V
WHO 1967 - 1969 TV and Film Archives - Volume 2 132 Pro V
WHO 1970 - 1979 TV and Film Archives - Volume 3 161 Pro V
WHO 7/7/70 Live at Tanglewood Music Center, Lenonx, MA 54 Pro A
WHO 3/10/73 Live at Sporthall de Vliegermolen, Voorburg, Holland (time coded) 50 Pro B+
WHO 11/20/73 Live at Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA (Moon passes out on stage, fan finishes the show) 114 Pro b/w A
WHO 5/18/74 Live at Charlton Athletic Football Club, London, England 53 Pro B+
WHO 11/20/75 Live at The Summit, Houston, TX 118 Pro A
WHO 12/6/75 Live at Pontiac Stadium, Detroit, MI 43 Pro A
WHO 12/9/75 Live at Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH 95 Pro A
WHO 12/8/79 Live at International Amphitheater, Chicago, IL 157 Pro A-
WHO 3/28/81 Live at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 101 Pro A-
WHO 12/16/82 Live at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada (not the official release) 126 Pro B+
WHO 8/16/89 Live at The Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA 168 Pro A
WHO 1997 VH1 Legends Documentary 45 Pro A+
WHO 7/24/04 Live at Kokusai Sogo Kyogijo, Yokohama, Japan 74 Pro A+
WHO 7/2/05 Live at Live 8, London, England 16 Pro A+
WICKED ALLIANCE (Jake E Lee) 1/30/94 Live in Walnut Creek, CA 35 Aud A-
WICKED ALLIANCE (Jake E Lee) 3/27/94 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 62 Aud B+
WIDOWMAKER (D Snider, Pitreli) 8/7/93 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 84 Aud A+
WIDOWMAKER 12/9/93 Live at Tuxedo Junction, Danbury, CT 84 Club A
WIDOWMAKER 12/11/93 Live at Spit Rocks, Long Island, NY + 2 videos 88 Pro A+
WILLIAMS, WENDY O. 1979 - 1990 TV Collection - Live, Videos, Interviews (solo and Plasmatics) 132 Pro V
WINDWOOD, STEVE 9/30/88 Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England 73 Pro A
WINDWOOD, STEVE 3/22/91 Live at Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan 113 Pro A-
WINGER 3/28/89 Live in Oklahoma City, OK 40 Aud B
WINGER 5/17/90 Live at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI 49 Pro A-
WINGER 3/15/91 Live at Mielparque Hall, Tokyo, Japan 75 Pro A
WINGER 1989 - 1991 Home Video Collection (The Videos / In The Heart of The Young Vol. 1 and Vol. 2) 84 Pro A+
WINGER 10/9/93 Live at The RPM Club, Toronto, Canada 81 Aud A-
WINGER, KIP 6/1997 Live at Borders Book Store, Tampa, FL (solo acoustic) 73 Aud A-
WINGER 11/14/07 Live at Billboards, Melbourne, Aistralia 75 Aud 2-cam A
WINGER 6/21/10 Live at BB Kings, New York City 82 Aud A+
WINGS (Paul McCartney) 11/13/75 Live at Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia 124 Pro A-
WINGS (Paul McCartney) 6/10/76 Rockshow - Live at The Kingdome, Seattle, WA 128 Pro A
WINGS (Paul McCartney) 1979 Wings Over The World - BBC Documentary (interviews, live footage, w/commercials) 92 Pro A+
WISHBONE ASH 12/1/76 Live at Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany 91 Pro A-
WITHIN TEMPTATION 8/8/03 Live at The Taubertal Festival, Nurnberg, Germany 28 Pro A+
WITHIN TEMPTATION 10/1/04 Live at Noorderslag Festival, Groningen, Holland 29 Pro A
WITHIN TEMPTATION 6/3/05 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 50 Pro A
WITHIN TEMPTATION 2003 - 2005 Video & Live Collection 51 Pro V
WITHIN TEMPTATION 7/8/06 Live at The Rocksound Festival, Huttwil, Switzerland 57 Pro A+
WITHIN TEMPTATION 5/26/07 Live at The Pink Pop Festival, Landgraaf, Holland 59 Pro A-
WITHIN TEMPTATION 2004 - 2007 TV Collection - Live, Interviews, etc. 61 Pro A
WITHIN TEMPTATION 10/1/14 Live at Old Vic Theater, Chicago, IL 95 Aud A
WOLFMOTHER 1/26/06 Live at The Big Day Out Festival, Sydney, Australia 48 Pro A
WOLFMOTHER 1/31/06 Live on The Playroom, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia 40 Pro A
WOLFMOTHER 11/18/06 Live at Music Hall, Koln, Germany 58 Pro A+
WOLFMOTHER 6/3/11 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 66 Pro A+
WRATHCHILD (AMERICA) 1985 West 54th Street TV Show - Band Documentary Segment 10 Pro A+
WRATHCHILD (AMERICA) 1986 Live in Albany, NY 67 Club A
WRATHCHILD (AMERICA) 4/21/91 Live at The Peppermint Beach Club, Virginia Beach, VA 76 Aud A
WYLDE, ZAKK 5/1/93 Live at House of Guitars, Rochester, NY 65 Aud B
WYLDE, ZAKK 8/17/97 Live at Rock Around The Bay Festival, Ariake Rainbow Bridge, Japan 20 Pro A+
WYLDE, ZAKK 2/6/07 Live at Hard Rock Cafe, Sacramento, CA (solo acoustic / piano) 32 Aud A