2007 VPRO Documantary
A Pioneer of the Future of Music
106 minutes
Pro Shot

Film in two parts by Frank Scheffer about Frank Zappa (1940-1993), not only one
of the most exceptional rock-artists, but also one of the most unique composers of
the 20th century. The documentary is a tribute to a self-willed genious; to the man
who - as an intangible critic - observed the (American) society for decades with
sarcasm and ingenious wit.

"If you deviate from the norm, it might lead to progression"
Frank Zappa

A Pioneer of the future of Music Part 1 & II exists of archived material and interviews
with people who worked very close to Zappa and have been inspired by him. This
material to a large extent is derived from the Vault, the massive - for a large part still
unrevealed archive, in which everything which Zappa has ever recorded is stored:
performances, studio-recordings, experiments, family-events, meetings, movies, and
everything else he was interested in.

Also in this documentary are parts of former Frank Scheffer films and the 1971
Roelof Kiers VPRO film about - and in collaboration with - Frank Zappa.

Part I is a renewed acquaintance with FZ, his music, the seventies, era of performances
of Freaks, flower children. Interviews with Gail Zappa and famous Mothers of Invention:
George Duke, Ian Underwood, Mark Volman and Bruce Fowler.

Part II focuses on the influences of Frank Zappa on the music industry. Musicians like
Steve Vai, Terry Bozzio and Napoleon Murphy Brock talk about their collaboration
with Zappa. Frank Zappa's compositions today are being performed in concerthalls.
Not just by the Ensemble Contemporain, but also by the Teheran Symphony Orchestra
from Iran. Both are to be seen in the documentary, as well as Dweezil Zappa, who
performs today with his father's material.