NAMM (Vol.8) 1/95 Anaheim, CA (Satriani, Vai, Gilbert, Skolnick, Beach, Timmons) 66 Aud A-
NASHVILLE PUSSY 9/22/98 Live at The Blue Note, Columbia, MO 60 Aud 3-cam A-
NASHVILLE PUSSY 7/2/99 Live at Roskilde Festival, Dyrskuepladsen Roskilde, Denmark 64 Aud A-
NASHVILLE PUSSY 2/15/00 Live at Pierre's, Ft. Wayne, IN 56 Pro A-
NASHVILLE PUSSY 4/23/00 Live at Osterrocknacht, Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany 34 Pro A-
NASHVILLE PUSSY 10/1/09 Live at Vogue Theater, Vancouver, Canada 33 Aud A+
NAZARETH 11/12/84 Live at Zeche, Bochum, West Germany 93 Pro A-
NAZARETH 10/14/06 Live at Plaza of Nations, Edgewater Casino, Vancouver, Canada 82 Aud A+
NEIL, VINCE (Steve Stevens) 10/19/93 Live at The Iron Horse, Minneapolis, MN 90 Club A-
NEIL, VINCE 1993 - 1995 TV Collection - Live, Videos & Interviews 77 Pro V
NEIL, VINCE 7/19/01 Live at Jaxx, Springfield, VA 52 Aud A+
NEIL, VINCE 6/13/02 Live at Le Medley, Montreal, Canada 63 Aud A
NEIL, VINCE 9/5/02 Live at Bi-Lo Center, Greensville, SC 43 Aud A+
NEIL, VINCE 1/16/03 Live on Psycho Babble TV Show, Spike's American Sports Center, Crystal Lake, Chicago, IL 30 Pro A+
NEIL, VINCE 2/6/04 High Chaparal TV Show from Sweden - Hanging at Vince's 46 Pro A+
NEIL, VINCE 6/11/04 Live at DTE Energy Music Theater, Clarkston, MI 55 Aud A+
NEIL, VINCE 1/12-15/07 Motley Cruise Highlight DVD (includes live footage and ship activities) 62 Pro A+
NEUROSIS 9/9/96 Live at CBGBs, New York City 27 Aud A
NEVERMORE 3/16/01 Live at Club Hydrogious, Thessaloniki, Greece 75 Aud B+
NEVERMORE 4/23/01 Live at Creepy Crawl, St. Louis, MO (fimed on stage) 58 Aud A-
NEVERMORE 6/6/04 Live at The Gods of Metal Festival, Balogna, Italy 34 Aud A
NEVERMORE 9/2/05 Live at The Bell Centre,Montreal, Canada 26 Aud A+
NEVERMORE 6/1/06 Live at The Gods of Metal Festival, Milan, Italy 57 Aud A
NEVERMORE 6/8/06 Live at The Sweden Rock Festival, Solvesburg, Sweden 52 Aud A+
NEVERMORE 10/14/06 Live at The Live N Louder Festival, Skol Arena, Anhembi, Sao Paulo, Brazil 50 Aud A+
NEW YORK DOLLS 7/24/74 Live on Don Kirshners Rock Concert, Long Beach Auditorium, CA 20 Pro A
NICKELBACK 8/16/02 Live at Bizarre Festival, Koln, Germany 62 Pro A+
NICKELBACK 6/5/04 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 40 Pro A
NICKELBACK 10/11/05 Live at Musique Plus, Montreal, Canada (w/ commercials) 107 Pro A+
NICKELBACK 7/17/09 Live on VH1s Live And Loud, Star Pavillion, Hershey, PA 23 Pro A+
NICKS, STEVIE (Fleetwood Mac) 12/13/81 Live at Wilshire Ebell Theater, Los Angeles, CA 58 Pro A
NICKS, STEVIE (Fleetwood Mac) 5/30/83 Live at The US Festival, Glen Helen Park, Devore, CA 82 Pro A
NICKS, STEVIE (Fleetwood Mac) 7/7/83 Live at The Capital Centre, Largo, Landover, MD 60 Pro A-
NICKS, STEVIE (Fleetwood Mac) 1981 - 2002 TV and Video Collection (Live, Videos, etc) 150 Pro V
NIGHT OF 100 GUITARS 6/26/94 Wembley Arena, London, England - Slash / May / Schon / Paul Rodgers / Cozy Powell more 110 Pro A-
NIGHT RANGER 1983 Live on Rock n Roll Tonite, Perkins Palace, Pasadena, Los Angeles, CA 38 Pro A-
NIGHT RANGER 12/13/83 Live at Nenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 90 Pro A
NIGHT RANGER 9/25/85 Live at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA 80 Pro A+
NIGHT RANGER 11/19/88 Live at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan 56 Pro A+
NIGHT RANGER 7/25/08 Live at Palmer Park Riverfest, St. Clair, MI 77 Aud A
NIGHT RANGER 1/14/10 Live at NAMM, Los Angeles, CA (acoustic set) 21 Pro A
NIGHT RANGER 1982 - 2010 Video Collection 72 Pro V
NIGHT RANGER 6/25/11 Live at Rock The Nation Festival, Loreley, St. Goarshausen, Germany 45 Aud A
NIGHT RANGER 5/11/12 Live at M3 Rock Festival, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD 82 Pro A+
NIGHTWISH (Tarja Turunen) 12/2/99 Live at Supermarket, Torino, Italy 33 Aud B+
NIGHTWISH 11/26/00 Live at Le Medley, Montreal, Canada 85 Aud A-
NIGHTWISH 8/24/01 Live at Gorbunovs Palace of Culture, Moscow, Russia 119 Aud 2-cam A-
NIGHTWISH 6/20/03 Live at The RMJ Festival, Rauma, Finland 45 Pro A
NIGHTWISH 8/2/03 Live at The Gates of Metal Festival, Hultsfred, Sweden (Optical Transfer) 76 Pro A-
NIGHTWISH 9/6/03 Live at Le Medley, Montreal, Canada 83 Aud A+
NIGHTWISH 11/19/04 Live at Palace Hall, Bucharest, Romania 95 Pro A
NIGHTWISH 2000 / 2004 Brazil TV Compilation (live, videos, interviews, etc) 39 Pro A
NIGHTWISH 7/16/05 Live at Evolution Festival, Toscolano Maderno, Italy 85 Aud B+
NIGHTWISH 8/20/05 Live at The Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen, Holland 60 Pro A+
NIGHTWISH (Anette Olzon) 10/19/07 Live at Vintage Vinyl Record Store, Fords, NJ (3 song in store appearance) 24 Pro B+
NIGHTWISH 2/1/08 Live at The Enmore Theatre, Sydney, Australia 108 Pro A
NIGHTWISH 4/4/08 Live at The Apollo, Manchester, England 91 Aud A-
NIGHTWISH 7/6/08 Live at Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium 60 Pro A-
NIGHTWISH 8/2/08 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany (from webcast) 80 Pro A-
NIGHTWISH 8/15/08 Live at Gampel Open Air Festival, Gampel, Switzerland 68 Pro A
NIGHTWISH 8/16/08 Live at The Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen, Holland 54 Pro A+
NIGHTWISH 1/19/12 Live at The Key Club, Hollywood, CA 102 Aud 3-cam A
NIGHTWISH 3/17/12 Live at MVC Hall, Kiev, Ukraine (filmed on the floor) 110 Aud A-
NIGHTWISH 7/12/12 Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, Switzerland 50 Pro A+
NIGHTWISH (Floor Jansen) 12/15/12 Live at El Teatro de Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina 99 Aud A-
NINE INCH NAILS 8/13/94 Live at Woodstock 94, Winston Farms, Saugerties, NY 80 Pro A
NINE INCH NAILS 1/26/00 Live at The Big Day Out Festival, The Showgrounds, Sydney, Australia 37 Pro B+
NINE INCH NAILS 6/7/09 Live at Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantagh, Long Island, NY 92 Aud 3-cam A+
NIRVANA 11/25/91 Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland 62 Pro A-
NIRVANA 1/10/92 Live at MTV Studios, NYC 24 Pro A+
NIRVANA 1/23/93 Live at The Hollywood Rock Festival, Apoteose Square, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 97 Pro A-
NIRVANA 12/13/93 Live at Pier 48, Seattle, WA 38 Pro A+
NIRVANA 1991 - 1994 TV Collection (live performance & videos) 112 Pro A
NITRONIC (Stephen Pearcy) 5/24/00 Live at The Key Club, Hollywood, CA 64 Club A+
NO DOUBT 2/21/97 Live at Statenhall, Den Haag, Netherlands 73 Pro A-
NO DOUBT 3/1/97 Live at Schwarzwaldhalle, Karlsruhe, Germany 57 Pro A-
NO DOUBT 3/20/97 Live at Solnahallen, Stockholm, Sweden 57 Pro B+
NO DOUBT 11/3/97 Live at Metropolitain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 53 Pro B+
NO DOUBT 3/3/00 Live at Kampnagal, Hamburg, Germany 56 Pro A-
NO DOUBT 5/12/00 Live at Air West, Osaka, Japan 58 Pro A-
NOFX 5/29/93 Live at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 41 Pro A
NOFX 7/26/96 Live on The Warped Tour, La Salle Park, Buffalo, NY 40 Aud A-
NOFX 8/20/11 Live at The Area 4 Festival, Flugplatz Birkenberge, Ludinghausen, Germany 59 Pro A+
NORTHERN KINGS 12/5/07-08 Radio Rock Finlandia, Live at Icehall, Helsinki, Finland 24 Pro A+
NOVA, ALDO 6/15/91 Live at Hart Plaza, Detroit, MI 30 Aud A-
NOVA, ALDO 1982 - 1991 Video Compilation 72 Pro V
NUCLEAR ASSAULT 2/21/86 Live at Irving Plaza, New York City 38 Aud B
NUCLEAR ASSAULT 4/5/86 Live at The Loft, Baltimore, MD 47 Aud B+
NUCLEAR ASSAULT 4/18/86 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 51 Aud B
NUCLEAR ASSAULT 5/3/86 Live in York, PA 54 Aud A-
NUCLEAR ASSAULT 8/22/86 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 52 Aud A
NUCLEAR ASSAULT 6/87 Radiation Sickness - Live at The Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 37 Pro A
NUCLEAR ASSAULT 4/10/89 Handle With Care - Live at The Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 59 Pro A+
NUCLEAR ASSAULT 5/19/89 Live at Dama Xoc, Sao Paulo, Brazil 70 Pro B+
NUCLEAR ASSAULT 6/27/92 Live at Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark 49 Aud A-
NUGENT, TED (D. St. Holmes) 9/8/76 Live on Rockpalast, WDR Studio-L, Koln, Germany 58 Pro A+
NUGENT, TED 3/5/77 Live Gonzo, Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 41 Pro A
NUGENT, TED 3/5/77 Live Gonzo, Hammersmith Odeon, London, England (complete) 90 Pro 1-cam B
NUGENT, TED 3/18/78 Live at California Jam 2, Ontario Motor Speedway, CA 30 Pro A-
NUGENT, TED (w/o St. Holmes) 11/24/78 Live on The Midnight Special - Complete w/AC/DC, Aerosmith, REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick 67 Pro A+
NUGENT, TED 7/21/79 Live at The Day On The Green Festival, Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA 68 Pro A
NUGENT, TED 5/30/81 Live on Chorus TV Show, LaPatinoire, Paris, France 38 Pro A
NUGENT, TED 1983 Live on Rock N Roll Tonite 20 Pro B
NUGENT, TED 1978 - 1983 TV Collection - Live and Interviews 113 Pro V
NUGENT, TED 12/19/87 Live at New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT 55 Aud A-
NUGENT, TED 12/31/87 Whiplash Bash, Live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI 88 Pro A+
NUGENT, TED 1/29/88 Live at Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY 62 Aud A-
NUGENT, TED 12/31/90 Live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI (solo and Damn Yankees) 141 Aud A-
NUGENT, TED 1/16/94 Live at The Paramount Theater, Abilene, TX 111 Club 2-cam A
NUGENT, TED (D. St. Holmes) 6/23/95 Live at Walnut Creek Pavillion, Raleigh, NC 82 Pro A
NUGENT, TED 6/24/95 Live at Stone Ridge Pavillion, Mannasas, VA 79 Pro A-
NUGENT, TED 8/21/98 Live at Dodge County Fairgrounds, Beaven Dam, WI 92 Aud A
NUGENT, TED (w/o St. Holmes) 8/13/99 Live at Blockbuster Pavillion, Charlotte, NC 79 Screen A-
NUGENT, TED (w/o St. Holmes) 9/30/00 Live at The New World Music Theater, Chicago, IL 55 Aud A
NUGENT, TED 1980 - 2002 Video Collection + Live Footage - 11 Promo Videos + Live Footage 75 Pro A+
NUGENT, TED 5/21/03 Live at The Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ 61 Pro A
NUGENT, TED (Tommy Aldridge) 3/1/05 Live at The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA 130 Aud A+
NUGENT, TED 6/24/07 Live at The Nokia Theater, New York City 122 Aud A+
NUGENT, TED 2002 / 2007 TV Compilation - 2002 Letterman / 2007 Jimmy Kimmel shows 24 Pro A
NUGENT, TED 8/12/10 Live at 4th & B, San Diego, CA 85 Aud A
NUGENT, TED 8/14/11 Live at Penns Peak, Jim Thorpe, PA 120 Pro A+