L.A. GUNS (Paul Black, vocals) 1/18/86 Live at The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA 26 Aud B+
L.A. GUNS (Phil Lewis) 5/9/88 Live at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 47 Pro A
L.A. GUNS 11/14/88 Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 80 Pro A
L.A. GUNS 1988 - 1990 One More Reason / Love, Peace, and Geese - Live & Video Compilation 66 Pro A+
L.A. GUNS 6/13/91 Live at Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA 40 Aud B+
L.A. GUNS 12/6/91 Live at Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 41 Aud C
L.A. GUNS 12/17/91 Live in Dusseldorf, Germany 34 Aud B
L.A. GUNS 1988 - 1992 TV Collection (MTV Spring Break / Arsenio / Power30 / Rick Dees, more) 71 Pro V
L.A. GUNS (Reunion) 2/5/00 Live at The Whiskey A Go-Go, Hollywood, CA 81 Pro A
L.A. GUNS (Phil Lewis') 5/13/11 Live at M3 Rock Festival, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD 33 Aud A
L.A. GUNS (Phil Lewis') 5/12/12 Live at M3 Rock Festival, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD 43 Pro A+
L7 1/23/93 Live at The Hollywood Rock Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 64 Pro A-
L7 11/15/96 Live at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 27 Pro A
LAAZ ROCKIT 5/23/88 Live at Dynamo Festival, Eindhoven, Holland (filmed from camera pit) 59 Pro A
LAAZ ROCKIT 5/8/92 Live at Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan 56 Pro A
LACUNA COIL 3/6/03 Live at Trasilvania Live, Milan, Italy 72 Aud 2-cam A
LACUNA COIL 6/23/06 Live at The Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium 71 Pro A
LACUNA COIL 9/16/06 Live at MTV Day Of Music, Arena Parca Nord, Bologna, Italy 24 Pro A
LACUNA COIL 2003 - 2006 TV Collection - Live, Videos, Interviews, etc. 60 Pro A
LACUNA COIL 8/3/07 Live at The Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 52 Pro A
LACUNA COIL 7/30/09 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany (webcast) 39 Pro A-
LAMB OF GOD 9/28/06 Live at Gigantour, Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY 57 Aud A
LAMB OF GOD 6/17/07 Live at The Provinssirock Festival, Seinajoki, Finland 77 Pro A+
LANDE, JORN w/PAGAN'S MIND 12/26/03 Live at Romjulsrock, Rjukan, Norway 43 Aud A+
LAVIGNE, AVRIL 10/28/02 Live at Salon 21, Mexico City, Mexico 23 Pro A-
LAVIGNE, AVRIL 8/11/04 Live at Olympic Hall, Seoul, South Korea 56 Pro A+
LAVIGNE, AVRIL 2/15/07 Live at The Grand Theater, Calgary, Canada 53 Pro A+
LAVIGNE, AVRIL 3/25/07 Live at Elysee Montmarte, Paris, France 38 Pro A
LAVIGNE, AVRIL 3/27/07 Live at Trabendo, Paris, France 30 Pro A
LAVIGNE, AVRIL 8/16/07 Live at The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA (acoustic set) 37 Pro A
LED ZEPPELIN 5/24/75 Live at Earl's Court, London, England 176 Pro A
LED ZEPPELIN 5/25/75 Live at Earl's Court, London, England 226 Pro A
LED ZEPPELIN 6/77 Live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA (8mm highlights from 3 shows, dubbed audio) 35 Aud B+
LED ZEPPELIN 7/17/77 Live at The Kingdome, Seattle, WA 210 Pro A-
LED ZEPPELIN 8/4/79 Live at The Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, England (1st night) 198 Pro A
LED ZEPPELIN 8/11/79 Live at The Knebworth Festival, Stevenage, England (2nd night) 160 Pro A
LED ZEPPELIN 1969 - 1980 Live 8mm Collection (from 17 shows) 175 Aud V
LED ZEPPELIN 7/13/85 Live at Live Aid, Philadelphia, PA + backstage interview 30 Pro A
LED ZEPPELIN 11/18/88 Live at The Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary Concert, Madison Square Garden, NYC 35 Pro A
LED ZEPPELIN 1969 - 1995 Live Compilation - Nothing from the released DVD 120 Pro V
LED ZEPPELIN 2005 A&E Biography, UKTV Documentary 45 Pro A
LED ZEPPELIN 12/10/07 Live at 02 Arena, London, England (complete, KatzEye version) 126 Aud A+
LED ZEP EXPERIENCE (Bonham) 11/8/10 Live at Best Buy Theater, New York City 153 Aud A+
LEEWAY 12/17/88 Live at Anthrax Club, Norwalk, CT 39 Aud B+
LIFE OF AGONY 6/3/05 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 40 Pro A+
LIFE OF AGONY 8/23/09 Live at Area 4 Festival, Flugplatz Borkerberg, Ludinghausen, Germany 42 Pro A
LIFEHOUSE 6/6/03 Live at Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany (time coded) 41 Pro A
LILLIAN AXE 4/1/88 Live in Slidell, LA 71 Aud 2-cam A-
LILLIAN AXE 5/26/89 Live at Fletcher's Bar, Springfield, MO 71 Aud A
LILLIAN AXE 10/8/90 Live at Club Eastbrook, Grand Rapids, MI 69 Aud A
LILLIAN AXE 2/15/92 Live at Music Vision Record Store, St. Louis, MO (Acoustic Instore) 24 Aud A
LILLIAN AXE 4/11/92 Live in Springfield, MO 85 Aud A
LILLIAN AXE 8/14/92 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 65 Aud B
LILLIAN AXE 8/28/92 Live in St. Louis, MO 65 Aud A
LILLIAN AXE 1992 Live on Rawtime, Austin, TX (interview + 4 live acoustic) 29 Pro A
LILLIAN AXE 1988 - 1992 Video Collection - Promo Videos & Live Footage 38 Pro A
LILLIAN AXE 9/30/93 Live at Anker Leipzig, Germany 60 Aud B+
LILLIAN AXE 5/2/99 Live at Hibiya Open Air Theater, Tokyo, Japan 16 Pro A-
LILLIAN AXE 11/2/02 Live at McCooks, South Haven, IN 105 Aud A
LIMP BIZKIT 7/24/99 Live at Woodstock 99, Griffis Air Force Base, Rome, NY 55 Pro A+
LIMP BIZKIT 9/6/03 Live at Finnsbury Park, London, England 77 Pro A
LIMP BIZKIT 6/7/09 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 91 Pro A+
LIMP BIZKIT 6/12/09 Live at Download Festival, Donington Park, England (from webcast) 64 Pro A
LIMP BIZKIT 7/1/11 Live at Main Square Festival, La Citadelle, Arras, France 54 Pro A+
LIMP BIZKIT 5/26/12 Live at Rock in Rio Festival, Parque de Bela Vista, Lisbon, Portugal 60 Pro A
LIMP BIZKIT 10/19/13 Live at Monsters of Rock, Arena Arhembi, Sao Paulo, Brazil 61 Pro A
LINKIN PARK 6/3/01 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 54 Pro A+
LINKIN PARK 6/1/07 Live at Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 22 Pro A
LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT 1/30/99 Live at NAAM, Los Angeles, CA 45 Aud A-
LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT 2/1/99 Live at The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA 37 Aud A-
LIVE 2/15/95 Live on MTVs Unplugged, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY 44 Pro A+
LIVE 2/20/95 Live at Alabamahalle, Munich, Germany 51 Pro A
LIVE AID 2011 "Rockin' All Over The World" BBC Documentary 89 Pro A+
LIVE EARTH (Alternative) 7/7/07 Red Hot Chili Peppers / Beastie Boys / Smashing Pumpkins / Foo Fighters / Chris Cornell 82 Pro A+
LIVE EARTH (Classic) 7/7/07 Genesis / Roger Waters / The Police 70 Pro A+
LIVE EARTH (Rock) 7/7/07 Metallica / Spinal Tap / Bon Jovi 61 Pro A+
LIVING COLOUR 1988 Live at Auburn University, Alabama 17 Pro A-
LIVING COLOUR 1988 Live at The University of Maryland, College Park, MD 62 Aud B+
LIVING COLOUR 12/31/89 Live on MTV New Years Show, The Palladium, NYC 15 Pro A
LIVING COLOUR 1988 - 1990 Primer / Time Tunnel - Live & Video Collection 89 Pro A+
LIVING COLOUR 3/5/90 Live in Sunrise, Florida 90 Aud A
LIVING COLOUR 4/11/90 Live at The Concert Hall, Toronto, Canada 85 Pro A
LIVING COLOUR 10/16/90 Live at The Music Hall, Koln, Germany 58 Pro A
LIVING COLOUR 10/23/90 Live at Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy 96 Pro A-
LIVING COLOUR (Doug Wimbish) 1/24/92 Live at The Hollywood Rock Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 75 Pro A
LIVING COLOUR 11/6/93 Live at Arena Parco Nord, Bologna, Italy 77 Pro A-
LIVING COLOUR 11/93 Live at Estadio Obras, Buenos Aires, Argentina 45 Pro A-
LIVING COLOUR 1988 - 1993 TV Compilation 177 Pro V
LIVING COLOUR 7/20/01 Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, Stravinski Auditorium, Montreux, Switzerland 45 Pro A
LIVING COLOUR 11/6/04 Live at Jazzstage Forum, Leverkusen, Germany 32 Pro A
LIVING COLOUR 7/13/07 Live at The Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland 50 Pro A
LIVING COLOUR 8/24/07 Live at Roxy Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina 54 Pro A
LIVING COLOUR 11/3/08 Live at Jazzstage, Leverkusen, Germany 89 Pro A+
LIVING COLOUR 4/10/10 Live on Much Sessions, Estudios Circo Beat, Buenos Aires, Argentina 26 Pro A
LIVING COLOUR 9/13/13 Live at Rock in Rio 5, Cidade do Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 51 Pro A+
LIVING END 12/9/00 Live at Homebake, Sydney, Australia 58 Pro A+
LIZZY BORDEN 1987 Japan TV show The Funky Tomato - Live, Videos, Interveiws 38 Pro A-
LIZZY BORDEN 12/5/87 Live at Blondies, Detroit, MI 69 Aud A-
LIZZY BORDEN 12/16/89 Live at Beibob, Vosselaar, Belgium (filmed from the front row) 57 Aud A-
LIZZY BORDEN 6/5/92 Live at Cellblock, Bensalem, PA 61 Aud B+
LIZZY BORDEN 1/23/99 Live at Scruffy O'Sheas, Marina del Rey, CA (filmed up front) 65 Aud A-
LIZZY BORDEN 4/13/01 Live at Fine Line Music Cafe, Minneapolis, MN 76 Club 2-cam A
LIZZY BORDEN 7/9/11 Live at Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ 90 Aud A+
LOLLAPALOOZA 8/21/91 Live at King County Fairgrounds, Enumclaw, WA - Unreleased Documentary (time coded) 70 Pro B+
LONDON 1985 - 1986 Live Footage and Videos 32 Pro/Aud A
LORCA ROCK FESTIVAL 8/18/04 Murcia, Spain (Dream Evil / After Forever / Magnum / TNT / Europe, more) 58 Pro 1-cam A
LORDI 6/19/03 Live at The RMJ Festival, Rauma, Finland 45 Pro A
LORDI 7/12/03 Live at The Tuska Open Air Festival, Helsinki, Finland 27 Pro A+
LORDI 8/2/08 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 56 Pro A
LOST HORIZON 8/2/03 Live at The Gods of Metal Festival, Hultsfred, Sweden (Optical Transfer) 57 Pro A-
LOUD, FAST & INSIDE METAL 1986 MTV Special about Heavy Metal - Videos & Interviews 28 Pro A-
LOUD PARK FESTIVAL 10/14-15/06 Live at International Exhibition Hall, Chiba, Japan (Anthrax/Megadeth/COB/Slayer/many more) 133 Pro A+
LOUD PARK FESTIVAL 10/21/07 Live at Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo, Japan (Manson/Saxon/As I Lay Dying/H&H/Hanoi Rocks) 45 Pro A+
LOUDNESS 12/9/82 Live at Shibuya Kokiado, Tokyo, Japan 51 Pro A
LOUDNESS 11/2/83 Live-Loud Alive at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan 60 Pro A+
LOUDNESS 4/84 Eurobounds - European tour docmentary - Live and interviews 59 Pro A+
LOUDNESS 1985 Thunder In The East Videos - Video Compilation (all 10 songs from Thunder In The East LP) 45 Pro A+
LOUDNESS 4/25/85 Live at Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO 58 Pro A
LOUDNESS 9/15/85 Live at Joe Lewis Arena, Detroit, MI 31 Aud B
LOUDNESS 4/3/86 Live at Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 71 Pro A+
LOUDNESS 9/13/86 Live at The Forum, Montreal, Canada 49 Aud A
LOUDNESS 6/3/88 Live in Himeju Bunka Center, Hyogo, Japan 48 Pro A
LOUDNESS 8/5/88 Live at Hiroshima Sun Plaza, Hiroshima, Japan 29 Pro A
LOUDNESS (Mike Vescera) 12/31/89 Live at The Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 24 Pro A-
LOUDNESS 1984 - 1989 Japanese TV Compilation 39 Pro V
LOUDNESS 1986 - 1991 Video Loudest - Live & Video Compilation 59 Pro A+
LOUDNESS (Masaki Yamada) 1992 Black Widow/Once & For All - Live & Video Compilation 30 Pro A+
LOUDNESS (Reunion) 3/28/01 Live at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan 116 Pro A+
LOUDNESS 11/25/01 Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 119 Pro A+
LOUDNESS 10/25/02 Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 93 Pro A+
LOUDNESS 5/12/12 Live at M3 Rock Festival, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD 35 Pro A+
LOVE, COURTNEY 2006 UK-TV Documentary - The Return of Courtney Love 46 Pro A
LOVE/HATE 11/24/90 Live at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI 44 Pro A
LOVE/HATE 12/12/90 Live at Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA 45 Aud A-
LOVE/HATE 7/23/94 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY (stationary Camera) 59 Aud A
LOVE/HATE 1990 - 1997 Video Collection - 6 Promo Videos 20 Pro V
LOVERBOY 5/21/82 Live at Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada 59 Pro A
LOVERBOY 12/18/82 Live at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 34 Pro A
LYNCH MOB 11/29/90 Live at Jaap Edenhall, Amsterdam, Holland 44 Aud B+
LYNCH MOB 1/21/91 Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 84 Aud A-
LYNCH MOB 3/10/91 Live at Button South, Hallandale, FL 59 Aud B+
LYNCH MOB 5/7/91 Live at Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, PA 33 Aud B
LYNCH MOB 9/8/92 Live at The Limelight, New York City 85 Aud A
LYNCH MOB 9/12/92 Live at Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO (shot from side of the stage) 90 Aud A-
LYNCH MOB 5/3/01 Live at The Cotton Club, Atlanta, GA (stationary camera) 95 Club A
LYNCH MOB 2/5/11 Live at The Cube, Newark, DE 52 Aud A
LYNCH MOB 5/12/12 Live at M3 Rock Festival, Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD 26 Pro A+
LYNYRD SKYNYRD (w/ King) 12/5/74 Live on Rockpalast, Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany 26 Pro A-
LYNYRD SKYNYRD 4/27/75 Live at Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA 68 Pro b/w A
LYNYRD SKYNYRD (w/o King) 11/11/75 Live on OGWT, Shepherd's Bush, London, England (VH1 rebroadcast - Freebird complete) 43 Pro A+
LYNYRD SKYNYRD 3/7/76 Live at Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA 74 Pro b/w A
LYNYRD SKYNYRD (w/ Gaines) 8/21/76 Live at The Knebworth Festival, Hertfordshire, England 68 Pro A+
LYNYRD SKYNYRD 7/13/77 Live at Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ 76 Pro b/w A-
LYNYRD SKYNYRD (Reunion) 10/10/87 Live at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT 97 Aud A-
LYNYRD SKYNYRD 10/15/87 Live at The Omni, Atlanta, GA (NOT the released Video) 106 Pro C+
LYNYRD SKYNYRD 8/8/91 Live at Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantagh, Long Island, NY 111 Aud A
LYNYRD SKYNYRD 10/6/91 Live at Miami Arena, Miami, FL 127 Aud B
LYNYRD SKYNYRD 2/19/93 Live at The Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA 141 Pro B+
LYNYRD SKYNYRD 6/23/96 Live at Then Loreley Festival, St. Goarshausen, Germany 98 Pro A
LYNYRD SKYNYRD 2/18/10 Live at Soundstage, Chicago, IL 52 Pro A+
LYNYRD SKYNYRD 11/13/11 Live at SWU Festival,Paulinia, Sao Paulo, Brazil 90 Pro A+