HAGAR, SAMMY / MONTROSE 1974 - 1980 TV Compilation (OGWT / Midnight Special / Rock World / Rock Pop / Record Plant) 55 Pro V
HAGAR, SAMMY 5/19/78 Live at Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA 94 Pro b/w A
HAGAR, SAMMY 3/13/83 Live at The Checkerdome, St. Louis, MO 83 Pro A
HAGAR, SAMMY 10/19/95 Live at Cabo Wabo Cantina, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 122 Pro A-
HAGAR, SAMMY 6/19/99 Live at Riverport Amphitheater, St. Louis, MO 64 Pro A-
HAGAR, SAMMY 1976 - 1999 Video Collection 67 Pro V
HAGAR, SAMMY 7/21/00 Live at Riverport Amphitheater, St. Louis, MO 161 Pro A-
HAGAR, SAMMY 8/17/02 Live at The Tweeter Center, Camden, NJ 83 Pro A
HAGAR, SAMMY 7/5/10 Live at The Moondance Jam, Walker, MN 52 Pro A+
HAGAR, SAMMY 8/17/10 Live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada 60 Aud A+
HAGGARD 8/4/07 Live at The Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 45 Pro A
HAIL (Ripper/Jr./Degrasso/AKisser) 1/21-22/09 Live at Rock and Guitarras Club, Santiago, Chile 106 Aud A
HALESTORM 12/15/09 Live at Rockford Metro Centre, Rockford, IL 23 Aud A-
HALESTORM 2006 - 2012 Live Compilation 98 Pro / Aud V
HALESTORM 2/5/12 Live at Music Hall, Cologne, Germany 39 Pro A+
HALESTORM 12/11/12 Live at Tennessee Theater, Knoxville, TN (stationary camera) 83 Aud A+
HALFORD 8/2000 Live on "Loud" Much Music TV Special from Canada (interviews, live clips, videos) 38 Pro A-
HALFORD 8/1/00 Live at The Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Canada 52 Aud A
HALFORD 8/2/00 Live at The Molson Centre, Montreal, Canada 47 Aud A-
HALFORD 8/3/00 Live at Le Colisee, Quebec City, Canada 42 Aud B+
HALFORD 8/5/00 Live at Madison Square Garden, NYC 34 2-cam A
HALFORD 8/9/00 Live at The Cumberland Civic Center, Portland, ME 40 2-cam A
HALFORD 8/27/00 Live at Roy Wilkins Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN 41 Aud A
HALFORD 8/30/00 Live at Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, CO 35 Pro 1-cam A
HALFORD 10/14/00 Live at Harpo's, Detroit, MI 69 Aud A-
HALFORD 10/17/00 Live at The Palladium, Worchster, MA 62 Aud A
HALFORD 10/25/00 Live at Northern Lights, Clifton Park, NY 50 Aud A
HALFORD 10/29/00 Live at Elysee Montmarte, Paris, France 72 Aud B+
HALFORD 11/4/00 Live on Japan TV Special, NEC Birmingham, England 22 Pro A-
HALFORD 11/23/00 Live at Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy 84 Aud B+
HALFORD 12/6/00 Live at The London Astoria 2 Club, London, England (Bruce Dickinson & Geoff Tate on encore) 94 Aud A-
HALFORD 1/15/01 Live at Pista Atletica, Santiago, Chile 57 Pro A-
HALFORD 6/7/02 Live at The Seden Rock Festival, Norjen, Sweden 86 Aud A-
HALFORD 6/8/02 Live in Monza, Milan, Italy 79 Aud A-
HALFORD 7/3/02 Live at Akademic Stadium, Sofia, Bulgaria - Live, Interviews, etc. 78 Pro A
HALFORD 2/11/03 Live at Shibuya Kokaido, Tokyo, Japan 102 Aud A
HALFORD 3/1/03 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY (some heads obstruction) 110 Aud A
HALFORD 11/29/10 Live at First Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD 52 Aud A
HALFORD 12/1/10 Live at Madison Square Garden, NYC 49 Aud 2-Cam A
HALLOWEEN (not Helloween) 1984 Live at Blondie's, Detroit, MI 19 Pro B+
HALLOWEEN (not Helloween) 10/31/88 Live at Harpo's, Detroit, MI 58 Pro A
HALLOWEEN (not Helloween) 6/15/01 Live at Classic Metal Festival, State Theater, Kalamazoo, MI 41 Club 2-cam A-
HALLOWEEN (not Helloween) 4/10/04 Live at The Keep It True Festival, Tauberfrankenhalle, Lauda-Konigshofern, Germany 30 Pro A
HALLOWS EVE 5/8/88 Live in Philadelphia, PA (fimed from up front) 51 Aud A-
HALLOWS EVE 8/26/06 Live in Huntsville, AL 47 Aud 2-cam A+
HAMMERFALL 8/9/97 Live at The Wacken Festival, Germany + 2 Videos 32 Pro A-
HAMMERFALL 10/11/97 Live at Mylos, Thessalonika, Greece 44 Aud A-
HAMMERFALL 4/3/99 Live at Estadio de Chile, Santiago, Chile 79 Aud A-
HAMMERFALL 3/16/01 Live at Providencia Theater, Santiago, Chile 92 Aud A-
HAMMERFALL 5/15/03 Live at Estadio de Chile, Santiago, Chile 79 Aud A+
HAMMERFALL 7/17/05 Live at The Masters of Rock Festival, Vizovice, Czech Republic 62 Aud A
HAMMERFALL 8/25/05 Live at The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, Canada 85 Aud A
HAMMERFALL 6/22/07 Live at Rocksound Festival, Huttwil, Switzerland 58 Pro A+
HAMMERFALL 3/16/10 Live at The Rave, Milwaukee, WI (from webcast) 98 Pro A-
HAMMERFALL 3/23/10 Live at The Venue, Vancouver, Canada 96 Aud A
HAMMERFALL 8/3/12 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 57 Pro A+
HAMMERFALL 7/31/14 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 56 Pro A+
HAMMERHEAD 1984 Live in Amsterdam, Holland 30 Aud A+
HANNON BAND, FRANK (Tesla) 3/25/06 Live at The Boardwalk, Orangeville, CA 119 Aud A
HANONN BAND, FRANK (Tesla) 5/4/07 Live at Hard Rock Cafe, Sacramento, CA 110 Aud A+
HANNON BAND, FRANK (Tesla) 12/31/10 Live at Coach's, Rocklin, CA (filmed up front) 123 Aud A+
HANOI ROCKS 12/19/83 All Those Wasted Years, Live at The Marquee, London, England 55 Pro A+
HANOI ROCKS 4/23/84 Live at Nottingham Palais, England 57 Pro A
HANOI ROCKS 1/4/85 Live at House Of Culture, Helsinki, Finland 44 Pro A
HARD N HEAVY Video Magazine 1990 - 1992 Volumes 1 thru 17 - Live, Interviews, Videos, etc. - direct from master VHS source 90ea Pro A+
HARD ROCK CALLING 6/28-29/08 Live at Hyde Park, London, England (Bangles, Clapton, Police, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow) 93 Pro A+
HARD ROCK HELL FESTIVAL 12/2-4/10 Live at Pontis Holiday Village, Prestatyn, Wales, UK (Airbrne/SkdRw/Hellwn/HrdcrSupStr/LAGun) 90 Aud A
HARDCORE SCENE - NYHC 1986 Phil Donahue Show special about Hardcore music and the NYHC scene, many guests 47 Pro A-
HARDCORE SUPERSTAR 8/19/00 Live at The Bizarre Festival, Koln, Germany (time coded) 32 Pro A-
HARDCORE SUPERSTAR 10/14/06 Live at Loud Park Festival, Tokyo, Japan 42 Pro A
HARDCORE SUPERSTAR 6/8/07 Live at Sweden Rock Festival, Solvesborg, Sweden 85 Pro A+
HARDCORE SUPERSTAR 5/14/09 Live at Azkena Rock Festival, Vitoria, Spain 48 Pro A+
HARRIS, LAUREN 6/29/08 Live at Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium (webcast) 27 Pro A
HATEBREED 10/19/13 Live at Monsters of Rock, Arena Arhembi, Sao Paulo, Brazil 56 Pro A
HEADPINS 1982 Live at El Mocambo, Toronto, Canada (optical transfer) 29 Pro B+
HEADPINS 1983 Live in Vancouver, Canada 44 Pro B+
HEADPINS 11/24/84 Live in Dortmund, Germany 24 Pro A-
HEAR N AID 5/21/85 The Sessions - Making of the Stars Record (from VHS release) 30 Pro A+
HEAR N AID 5/21/85 The Sessions - Making of (from Japanese laserdisc - 15m more footage than VHS release) 47 Pro A+
HEAR N AID 4/7/86 Record Release Party, Hard Rock Cafe, London, England 30 Pro B+
HEART 1976 Live on The Second Ending TV Show, KWSU Studios, Pullman, WA 57 Pro A
HEART 1976 - 1978 Live on The Midnight Special and The Beat Club 28 Pro A
HEART 10/15/78 Live at The Capital Centre, Largo, MD 90 Pro B+
HEART 4/20/82 Live at The Concert for the Americas, Altosde Charon Amphitheater, Dominican Republic 50 Pro B+
HEART 5/28/82 Live at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 33 Pro A
HEART 8/19/90 Live at Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountainview, CA 107 Pro A-
HEART 9/07 Live on A&Es Private Sessions 46 Pro A+
HEAT (Quiet Riot) 9/21/91 Live in Las Vegas, NV (Kevin Dubrow, Carlos Cavazo) 57 Aud B+
HEATHEN 2/7/88 Live at Blondie's, Detroit, MI 60 Aud A-
HEATHEN 8/26/88 Live at El Dorado Saloon, Sacramento, CA 44 Aud B+
HEAVEN 3/17/82 Live at Club Chevron, Melbourne, Australia 44 Aud B+
HEAVEN 1983 Live on Rock Palace, Los Angeles, CA 14 Pro A-
HEAVEN & HELL 3/11/07 Live at PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada 112 Aud A
HEAVEN & HELL 3/24/07 Live at Labatt Centre, London, Ontario, Canada 85 Aud A
HEAVEN & HELL 5/17/07 Live at Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA 111 Aud A+
HEAVEN & HELL 6/16/09 Live at Museumsplatz, Bonn, Germany 90 Pro A+
HEAVEN & HELL (Jorn, Hughes) 7/24/10 Live at The High Voltage Festival, Victoria Park, London, England - DIO Tribute 75 Aud A
HEAVEN SHALL BURN 8/5/11 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 56 Pro A+
HEAVY - THE STORY OF METAL 2006 VH1 Documantary - 4 part series recounting the history of Heavy Metal 163 Pro A+
HEAVY METAL BRITANNIA 2010 BBC TV Documentary about British Heavy Metal 90 Pro A
HEAVY METAL HEAVEN 1989 BBC TV Documentary (live clips & interviews) 61 Pro A-
HEAVY METAL LIVE AT THE BBC 2010 Live Compilation from BBC TV Archives 29 Pro A
HEAVY METAL MANIA 1985 - 1986 MTV Series (pre-Headbangers Ball) - All 12 Episodes on 9 DVDs 703 Pro A-
HEAVY METAL TOP 10 U.K. 1998 UK-TV Special - Top 10 Metal Bands of All Time 78 Pro A
HEAVY PETTIN' 1983 - 1985 Live & Video Collection - 2 Live + 3 Videos 20 Pro A
HEIR APPARENT 12/21/84 Live at The Moore Theater, Seattle, WA 58 Pro A-
HEIR APPARENT 6/1/86 Live at Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, Holland 66 Aud A-
HEIR APPARENT 8/5/00 Live at The Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany (distant, great audio) 52 Aud A-
HELIX 1985 Live at The Edmonton Convention Centre, Alberta, Canada 58 Pro A
HELIX 4/6/85 Live in Furuviksparken, Sweden 71 Aud B+
HELIX 8/27/87 Live in Capitol Records Parking Lot, Los Angeles, CA 35 Aud B+
HELIX 9/15/87 Live at The Ritz, Roseville, MI 61 Aud A
HELIX 9/23/90 Waltzing with Helix in Vienna, Austria - MM Canadian TV Special - Live, Videos & Interviews 53 Pro A-
HELIX 6/92 Live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada 85 Aud A
HELIX 1987 - 1993 TV Compilation - Live, Videos & Interviews 112 Pro V
HELIX 2/00 Live at The Warehouse, Toronto, Canada 28 Aud A+
HELIX 5/30/08 Live at Rock N Roll Heaven, Toronto, Canada (filmed up front) 72 Aud A+
HELIX 11/26/08 Live at Plaza Club, Vancouver, Canada 71 Aud A
HELL ON WHEELS Tour 10/15/87 First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN - Helloween/Armored Saint/Grim Reaper 98 Pro A
HELLACOPTERS 8/21/99 Live at The Bizarre Festival, Koln, Germany 37 Pro A
HELLION 1987 Live on NuRock TV Show (live, inetrview, etc.) 31 Pro A-
HELLION 12/2/89 Live at The Troubadour, Hollywood, CA 47 Aud B+
HELLOWEEN (Kai on vocals) 11/14/85 Live at Komm, Nurnberg, Germany 45 Aud A-
HELLOWEEN 2/2/86 Live at Markethalle, Hamburg, Germany (filmed on stage) 49 Aud A-
HELLOWEEN 4/20/86 Live at The Aardshock Festival, Eidenhoven, Holland 53 Aud A
HELLOWEEN (Michael Kiske) 3/18/87 Live at Mehrzweckhalle, Tuttlingen, Germany + Interview 95 Aud A-
HELLOWEEN 3/25/87 Live at Tor 3, Dusseldorf, Germany 78 Aud A-
HELLOWEEN 4/6/87 Live a Knofs Music Hall, Hamburg, Germany 73 Aud B+
HELLOWEEN 9/1/87 Live at Palacio Municipal de los Deportes, Barcelona, Spain 49 Aud B-
HELLOWEEN 10/15/87 Live at First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 37 Pro A
HELLOWEEN 8/20/88 Live at Monsters of Rock Festival, Donington Castle, England 34 Aud B
HELLOWEEN 9/22/88 Live at Monsters of Rock, Barcelona, Spain 45 Aud A
HELLOWEEN 5/6/89 Live at The Felt Forum, New York City 38 Aud B
HELLOWEEN 5/8/89 Live at RPI Fieldhouse, Troy, NY 38 Aud B+
HELLOWEEN 5/1/92 Live at Biskuithalle, Bonn, Germany 100 Aud A-
HELLOWEEN 5/14/92 Live on Rocklife, Koln Music Hall, Germany + 2 extra songs & int. 70 Pro A
HELLOWEEN 8/15/92 Live at Monsters of Rock, Maimarketgelande, Manheim, Germany 49 Aud B
HELLOWEEN 10/5/92 Live at Archaic Hall, Osaka, Japan 106 Aud A-
HELLOWEEN 9/16/93 Live at Rockerfellers, Oslo, Norway 120 Aud B
HELLOWEEN (Andi Deris) 11/8/94 Live at City Square, Milan, Italy 92 Aud B
HELLOWEEN 4/24/96 Live at Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden 87 Aud B+
HELLOWEEN 5/7/96 Live at Musichalle, Hannover, Germany 25 Pro B+
HELLOWEEN 12/6/98 Live at The Skol Rock Festival, Curtiba, Brazil 60 Pro A
HELLOWEEN 12/10/98 Live at Velodromo, Santiago, Chile 62 Aud B
HELLOWEEN 2/23/01 Live at The Jung Dong Event Hall, Seoul, South Korea 50 Pro A
HELLOWEEN 1987 - 2003 Video Collection - 14 Promo Videos 63 Pro A+
HELLOWEEN 7/6/04 Live at The MMS Festival, Jazine Hall, Zadar, Croatia 104 Aud A
HELLOWEEN 1/28/06 Live at Polivalenta Hall, Bucharest, Romania 103 Aud A-
HELLOWEEN 2/4/06 Live at Sporting Hall, Athens, Greece 98 Aud B+
HELLOWEEN 6/25/06 Live at The Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium 67 Pro A+
HELLOWEEN / GAMMA RAY 2005 - 2008 Japan TV Compilation (live, interviews, etc.) 70 Pro A+
HELLOWEEN 4/17/08 Live at Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (w/ Gamma Ray together on encores) 100 Aud A
HELLOWEEN 6/21/08 Live at Hellfest, Valde Moine, Clisson, France (w/ Gamma Ray together on encores) 77 Aud A
HELLOWEEN 8/4/11 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 58 Pro A+
HELLOWEEN 9/22/13 Live at Rock in Rio 5, Cidade do Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 62 Pro A+
HELLYEAH 6/9/07 Live at The Download Festival, Donington, England 27 Pro A
HELLYEAH 7/7/07 Live at Woody's, Cedar Rapids, IA 65 Aud A+
HELLYEAH 4/27/10 Live at Williamsburg Music Hall, Brooklyn, NY 58 Aud A
HELLYEAH 5/27/12 Live at Rocklahoma, Pryor, OK 42 Pro A+
HELSTAR 10/25/86 Live in Madison, WI 31 Aud A-
HELSTAR 3/4/88 Live at DeAnza Theater, Riverside, CA 27 Aud B
HELSTAR 6/15/02 Live at Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, Holland 60 Aud A
HENDRIX, JIMI 1967 - 1970 Live Compilation 107 Pro V
HIGH VOLTAGE FESTIVAL 7/24-25/10 Live at Victoria Park, London, England (Foreigner/Answer/ELP/UFO/Marillion/TransAtlantic/Aisa) 88 Pro A+
HIGH VOLTAGE FESTIVAL 7/23-24/11 Live at Victoria Park, London, England (Slash/BCC/ThinLizzy/DreamTheater/JudasPriest, more) 89 Pro A+
HIM 4/23/00 Live at Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany 56 Pro A
HIM 6/5/05 Live at Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 53 Pro A+
HIM 6/8/08 Live at Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 55 Pro A+
HIM 6/6/10 Live at Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 58 Pro A+
HINDER 6/3/07 Live at Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 27 Pro A
HIT PARADER MELTDOWN 1989 Heavy Metal Meltdown - TV Show (3 episodes) 66 Pro A-
HIVES 6/6/03 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 45 Pro A
HOLE 10/10/90 Live at Club Lingerie, Hollywood, CA 31 Pro B+
HOLE 7/15/91 Live at CBGBs, New York City 26 Aud B
HOLE 6/16/93 Live at Phoenix Festival, Startford-upon-Avon, England 43 Aud B
HOLE 9/28/94 Live at WUST Radio Music Hall, Washington, DC 65 Aud A
HOLE 2/14/95 Live on MTVs Unplugged, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY 47 Pro A-
HOLE 4/10/95 Live at City Square, Milan, Italy 91 Aud B
HOLE 4/22/95 Live at Tempodrem, Berlin, Germany 116 Aud B
HOLE 1992 - 1995 TV Collection - SNL, BBC TV Shows, Videos, etc. 42 Pro A
HOLE 1/23/99 Live at The Big Day Out Festival, Sydney, Australia 74 Pro A
HOLE 5/15/99 Live on HBOs Reverb, The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA 29 Pro A
HOLE 11/13/11 Live at SWU Festival, Paulina, Sao Paulo, Brazil 54 Pro A+
HOUSE OF LORDS 1/14/89 Live at Civic Theater, Akron, OH 36 Aud A-
HOUSE OF LORDS 3/23/92 Live at Sunrise Musical Theater, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 46 Aud B+
HOUSE OF LORDS 10/1/06 Live at United Forces of Rock Festival, Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, Germany 53 Aud A-
HOUSE OF LORDS 4/26/08 Live at Hard in Rio II Festival, Circo Voador, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 89 Club 3-cam A+
HSAS (Sammy Hagar, Neil Schon) 11/14/84 Live at The Civic Auditorium, San Jose, CA 75 Pro A-
HTP (Glenn Hughes, JLTurner) 2/26/04 Live in Chelyabinski, Russia 64 Pro A
HUGHES, GLENN 1993 - 1999 TV Compilation (Sweden 93, Japan 94, Brazil 99, videos and interviews) 116 Pro V
HULTSFRED FESTIVAL 8/12-13/94 MTV Europe Special from Sweden (live, videos and interviews) 114 Pro A-
HUNTER, IAN (Mott The Hoople) 4/19-20/80 Live at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany (w/Mick Ronson on guitar) 70 Pro A-
HURRICANE 7/3/88 Live at Council Bluffs, IA 50 Aud A
HURRICANE 6/8/90 Live at Sankei Hall, Osaka, Japan 87 Aud A