G3 (Vai, Satriani, John Petrucci) 7/11/01 Live at Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada 151 Aud A-
G3 (Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen) 11/11/03 Live at The Beacon Theater, NYC (John Petrucci and Neil Schon on encores) 185 Aud A+
G3 (Vai, Satriani, Fripp) 6/29/04 Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England 159 Aud A
G3 (Satriani, Petrucci, Gilbert) 4/11/07 Live at The Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York City 185 Aud A
GAHAN, DAVE 6/7/03 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 90 Pro A
GALLAGHER, RORY 1974 - 1975 Live on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, CA (time coded) 46 Pro A-
GALLAGHER, RORY 3/2/76 Live on The Old Grey Whistle Test, Shepherd's Bush, London, England 50 Pro B+
GALLAGHER, RORY 8/28/82 Live at The Loreley Festival, St. Goarshausen, Germany 111 Pro A
GAMMA RAY (Ralf Scheepers vox) 10/2/90 Live at Molndals Idrottshus, Gothenburg, Sweden 82 Aud B
GAMMA RAY 10/13/90 Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan Hall, Osaka, Japan 96 Aud B
GAMMA RAY 12/19/93 Live in Dortmund, Germany 53 Aud B-
GAMMA RAY (Kai Hansen vocals) 10/25/95 Live at Rock Fabrik, Ludwisburg, Germany 111 Aud B+
GAMMA RAY 7/12/97 Live at Teatro Dos Vampiros, Sao Paulo, Brazil 104 Aud 3-cam B+
GAMMA RAY 9/27/97 Live at Florenza, Firenze, Italy 104 Aud B+
GAMMA RAY 8/8/98 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 50 Aud A-
GAMMA RAY 5/29/99 Live at The Agora, Evry, France 59 Aud A-
GAMMA RAY 6/4/99 Live at Teatro Monumental, Santiago, Chile 95 Aud A-
GAMMA RAY 7/14/00 Live at Vystaviste Open Air, Pilsen, Czech Republic 114 Aud B+
GAMMA RAY 8/2/03 Live at The Gods of Metal Festival, Folkets Park, Hultsfred, Sweden (Optical Transfer) 59 Pro A-
GAMMA RAY 12/6/03 Live at Circo Volador, Mexico City, Mexico (stationary Camera) 107 Aud A-
GAMMA RAY 1995 - 2005 Live In The World - Live and Video Compilation 127 Pro/Aud V
GAMMA RAY 1/27/06 Live at Druzhba Sports Palace, Moscow, Russia (incomplete) 54 Aud A
GAMMA RAY 5/6/07 Live at The Kavarna Festival, Centrum, Bulgaria 109 Aud A
GAMMA RAY / HELLOWEEN 2005 - 2008 Japan TV Compilation (live, interviews, etc.) 70 Pro A+
GAMMA RAY 4/17/08 Live at Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (w/ Helloween together on encores) 64 Aud A
GAMMA RAY 6/21/08 Live at Hellfest, Valde Moine, Clisson, France 53 Aud A
GAMMA RAY 7/31/09 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival (from webcast) 54 Pro A-
GAMMA RAY 9/18/11 Live at Berlin Live, Berlin, Germany 33 Pro A+
GARBAGE 4/6/96 Live at Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany 52 Pro A+
GARBAGE 8/17/96 Live at Bizarre Festival, Cologne, Germany 54 Pro A+
GARBAGE 6/20/98 Live at Loreley open Air Festival, St. Goarshaushen, Germany 64 Pro A+
GARBAGE 6/4/05 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 53 Pro A
GARBAGE 7/14/05 Live at The Isle of MTV Festival, Trieste, Italy 26 Pro A+
GATHERING 5/16/07 Live at The opera House, Toronto, Canada 46 Aud A-
GENESIS 5/2/80 Live at The Empire Theater, Liverpool, England (time coded TV documentary) 39 Pro A
GENESIS 5/7/80 Live at The Lyceum Ballroom, London, England 40 Pro A
GENESIS 6/27/07 Live at LTU Arena, Dusseldorf, Germany 166 Pro A+
GEORGIA SATELLITES 1983 Live on Hotspots TV Show, Rumors, Atlanta, GA 31 Pro A-
GEORGIA SATELLITES 12/31/86 Live on MTVs New Years Eve Special, Manhattan Center, NYC 31 Pro A
GEORGIA SATELLITES 9/25/87 Live at National Guard Armory, Nashville, TN 33 Pro A
GEORGIA SATELLITES 12/17/88 Live at The Ritz, New York City 103 Club A-
GEORGIA SATELLITES 1986 - 1988 TV Compilation (NYEve, American Bandstand, Solid Gold, OGWT, more) 83 Pro A
GEORGIA SATELLITES 6/25/88 Live at Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark 42 Pro A-
GEORGIA SATELLITES 7/1/89 Live at Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark 58 Pro B+
GHOST 6/24/12 Live at the Orion Festival, Bader Field, Atlantic City, NJ 47 Aud A
GHOST 9/19/13 Live at Rock in Rio 5, Cidade do Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 58 Pro A+
GIANT 12/3/90 Live at Town & Country Club, London, England 33 Pro A
GILBERT, PAUL 8/23/99 Live at The Fukuoka School of Music, Seoul, South Korea (Complete version) 107 Pro A
GILLAN, IAN (Deep Purple) 5/28/89 Live as Garth Rocket and The Moonshiners, The Ritz, Manchester, UK 69 Pro A
GILMOUR, DAVID 4/30/84 Live at The Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 63 Pro A
GIRL (Phil Collen, Phil Lewis) 12/6/82 Live at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan 82 Aud B
GIRL (Phil Collen, Phil Lewis) 1980 - 1983 TV Compilation (videos, promo reels, interviews, etc.) 59 Pro V
GIRLSCHOOL 1984 Play At Home UK-TV Show - Live, Interviews, backstage, etc. 50 Pro A-
GIRLSCHOOL 5/9/89 Live at Rock N Roll Heavens, Toronto, Canada 75 Club A
GIRLSCHOOL 1984 - 1989 TV Compilation (Live, Videos, Interviews, etc.) 104 Pro V
GIRLSCHOOL 8/21/04 Live in Zajecar, Serbia 67 Pro B+
GIUFFRIA 6/24/85 Live in Tokyo, Japan 75 Pro A
GLAM ROCK SAMPLER 1970s Compilation of Glam Rock Videos (Glitter, TRex, Sweet, Wizard, Slade, Suzi Quattro, more 101 Pro A+
GO GOs 12/4/81 Live at Palos Verdes High School, West Los Angeles, CA 73 Pro A
GO GOs 11/30/82 Live at The Metropol, Berlin, Germany 67 Pro B+
GODS OF METAL FESTIVAL 6/6/04 Balogna, Italy - Twisted Sister / WASP / Stratovarius / Alice Cooper / Testament / Nevermore 319 Aud A
GODSMACK 7/25/99 Live at Woodstock 99, Griffis Air Force Base, Rome, NY 23 Pro A
GODSMACK 6/23/00 Live at The K-Rock Family Picnic, PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ 40 Pro A-
GODSMACK 6/1/01 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 34 Pro A
GODSMACK 9/5/01 Live at The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Cleveland, OH 21 Pro A-
GODSMACK 2001 - 2003 TV Collection 68 Pro A
GOLDEN EARRING 4/25/75 Live at Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA 105 Pro b/w A
GOLDFINGER 8/21/97 Live in Minneapolis, MN 55 Club A-
GOLDFINGER 8/27/97 Live at Coney Island High, NYC 38 Aud A-
GOOD CHARLOTTE 6/3/07 Live at Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 42 Pro A
GORGOROTH 3/11/04 Live at Laberinto Events Center, Santiago, Chile 56 Aud A-
GOTTHARD 7/24/99 Live at Taubertal Festival, Rothenburg, Germany 28 Pro A
GOTTHARD 12/31/99 Live at Piazza Riforma, Lugano, Switzerland 96 Pro A-
GOTTHARD 5/26/05 Live at Bierhuebeli, Bern, Switzerland 59 Pro A
GOTTHARD 4/11/08 Live at Zermutt Unplugged, Zurich, Switzerland 27 Pro A+
GOV'T MULE 6/10/07 Live at The Palladium, Koln, Germany 127 Pro A+
GRATEFUL DEAD 7/12/76 Live at The Orpheum Theater, San Francisco, CA (soundcheck) 62 Pro A-
GRATEFUL DEAD 3/29/81 Live at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 203 Pro A+
GRATEFUL DEAD 6/21/89 Live at Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountainview, CA 205 Pro A-
GRAVEYARD 5/27/12 Live at Rock Hard Festival, Gelsenkirchen Amphitheater, Germany 30 Pro A+
GREAT KAT 6/14/91 Live at The Bayou, Washington, DC 45 Aud B+
GREAT KAT 1987 - 1999 Video Collection - 6 Promo Videos 15 Pro A
GREAT WHITE 1986 Live on NuRock TV Show, La Mirada, CA 20 Pro B
GREAT WHITE 2/2/88 Live at The Ritz, NYC 49 Pro A+
GREAT WHITE 3/25/88 Live at The Sportatorium, Hollywood, FL 50 Aud B+
GREAT WHITE 8/27/88 Live at The Monsters of Rock Festival, Schweinfurt, Germany (taken from 2 sources) 37 Pro A
GREAT WHITE 4/5/90 Live at Festival Hall, Tokyo, Japan 99 Aud A-
GREAT WHITE 9/4/91 Live at The Astoria Theatre, London, England 79 Aud B+
GREAT WHITE 1992 Live in Tokyo, Japan (acoustic set, interview) 37 Pro A-
GREAT WHITE 3/23/93 Live at The RPM Club, Toronto, Canada 81 Aud A
GREAT WHITE 1984 - 1992 Video Collection - 18 Promo Videos 90 Pro V
GREAT WHITE 6/18/94 Live at Sangamon County Fairgrounds, New Berlin, IL 73 Aud A
GREAT WHITE 10/8/97 Live at Nevada State Fair, Las Vegas, NV 93 Aud A
GREAT WHITE 3/27/10 Live at Alrosa Villa, Columbus, OH 89 Aud A+
GREAT WHITE 6/25/10 Live at The River Roar Festival, Veterans Memorial Park, Bay City, MI 77 Aud A
GREEN DAY 6/2/89 Live at The Community Center, Davis, CA (dark) 54 Aud B+
GREEN DAY 5/10/90 Live at Pinole Valley High School, Pinole Valley, CA 47 Aud A
GREEN DAY 5/24/92 Live at McGregors, Elmhurst, IL 80 Aud A
GREEN DAY 8/13/94 Live at Woodstock 94, Winston Farm, Saugerties, NY 34 Pro A-
GREEN DAY 11/1/94 Live at Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ 59 Aud A-
GREEN DAY 11/18/94 Live at The Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL 45 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 12/2/94 Live at Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY 56 Aud A-
GREEN DAY 12/5/94 Live at Madison Square Garden, NYC 44 Screen B+
GREEN DAY 12/3/95 Live at West Palm Beach Auditorium, West Palm Beach, FL 61 Aud B+
GREEN DAY 4/17/98 Live at The Bottom of the Hill Club, San Francisco, CA 44 Pro A
GREEN DAY / FOO FIGHTERS 7/11/98 Live at Edgefest, Thunderbird Stadium, Vancouver, Canada 84 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 10/10/00 Live at The Valley Drive Inn, Seattle, WA 49 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 10/19/00 Live at Goat Island, Sydney, Australia 61 Pro A-
GREEN DAY 8/19/01 Live at Bizarre Festival, Cologne, Germany 53 Pro B+
GREEN DAY 9/21/04 Live at Irving Plaza, NYC 22 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 1/10/05 Live at Zeche Carle, Bochum. Germany 50 Pro A
GREEN DAY 1/16/05 Live at Forum Assago, Milan, Italy (includes interview) 102 Pro A
GREEN DAY 2/15/05 Live on VH1s Storytellers, Sony Studios, Culver City, CA 44 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 6/3/05 Live at Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 98 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 4/14/09 Live at The Fox Theater, Oakland, CA 54 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 5/4/09 Live at Abbey Road Studios, London, England 20 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 5/7/09 Live at Kesselhaus, Berlin, Germany 38 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 5/11/09 Live at Canal+ Studios, Paris, France 48 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 7/27/09 Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City 154 Aud 3-cam A+
GREEN DAY 11/3/09 Live at Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany 44 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 2009 TV Collection (TV Total, Carson Daly, Saturday Night Live, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien) 61 Pro A+
GREEN DAY 6/9/13 Live at Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 98 Pro A+
GRIM REAPER 9/14/82 Live at The Palace Theatre, London, England 46 Aud B
GRIM REAPER 10/31/84 Live at The Country Club, Los Angeles, CA 27 Club A
GRIM REAPER 10/15/87 Live at First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (bonus 3 videos ) 33 Pro A
GRIM REAPER 8/4/00 Live at The Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 38 Aud A-
GRIM REAPER 4/15/06 Live at The Underworld Club, Athens, Greece 57 Aud A
GRIP, INC. (Dave Lombardo) 8/5/95 Live at The Palladium, Montreal, Canada (stationary camera) 43 Aud B
GRIP, INC. (Dave Lombardo) 3/29/97 Live at Birch Hill Night Club, Old Bridge, NJ 69 Aud A
GRIP, INC. (Dave Lombardo) 6/2/97 VIVA TV Metalla Special, Koln Music Hall, Germany 30 Pro B+
GTR (Steve Howe, Steve Hackett) 1986 The Making of GTR - Studio footage & interviews 30 Pro A
GTR (Steve Howe, Steve Hackett) 9/22/86 Live at Alabamahalle, Munich, Germany 44 Pro A
GUITAR LEGENDS EXPO 92 10/19/91 Live in Seville, Spain - Steve Vai/Joe Satriani/Nuno Bettencourt/Brian May/Joe Walsh 90 Pro A+
GUITAR WARS 2003 8/29/03 Live in Tokyo, Japan - Nuno Bettencourt/Paul Gilbert/Steve Hackett/John Paul Jones and more 90 Pro A+
GUNS N ROSES 1/18/86 Live at The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA 84 Aud A-
GUNS N ROSES 3/11/86 Live at Music Machine, Reseda, CA 51 Pro A-
GUNS N ROSES 3/21/86 Live at Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach, CA 38 Aud B
GUNS N ROSES 3/28/86 Live at The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA (2 sets) 116 Aud B
GUNS N ROSES 5/1/86 Live at The Central, Hollywood, CA (acoustic set) 20 Aud A-
GUNS N ROSES 7/11/86 Live at The Troubadour, Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 92 Aud A-
GUNS N ROSES 10/30/87 Live at CBGB's Record Canteen, NYC (Acoustic Set and Autograph Signing) 53 Pro 1-cam A+
GUNS N ROSES 11/24/87 A Night In The Jungle - Cable Access TV Special, Lakeland Civic Center, FL 27 Pro B+
GUNS N ROSES 2/2/88 Live at The Ritz, NYC 59 Pro A
GUNS N ROSES 2/2/88 Live at The Ritz, NYC (unedited version w/Mama Kin) 67 Pro A-
GUNS N ROSES 5/1/88 Live at The Sports Arena, Toledo, OH 76 Aud A
GUNS N ROSES 5/9/88 Live at The Felt Forum, NYC 103 Aud A-
GUNS N ROSES 7/27/88 Live at Hilton Coliseum, Ames, IA 41 Aud B
GUNS N ROSES 8/4/88 Live at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 51 Pro B+
GUNS N ROSES 8/7/88 Live at Orange County Fairgrounds, Middletown, NY 47 Aud A-
GUNS N ROSES 12/7/88 Live at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan 104 Aud B+
GUNS N ROSES 12/15/88 Live at The Entertainment Centre, Melbourne, Australia 100 Pro B+
GUNS N ROSES 10/18/89 Live at The Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA (distant, opening for The Rolling Stones) 66 Aud B-
GUNS N ROSES (Izzy Stradlin) 1/20/91 Live at The Rock in Rio II Festival, Marcana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 82 Pro A
GUNS N ROSES 5/16/91 Live at The Ritz, NYC (Suprise Club Gig) 112 Aud A
GUNS N ROSES 5/24/91 MTVs Tour Kickoff Special (Live, Videos, Interviews) 73 Pro A-
GUNS N ROSES 5/28,29/91 Live at Deer Creek Pavillion, Noblesville, IN 133 Pro B+
GUNS N ROSES 7/2/91 Live at Riverport Arts Centre, St. Louis, MO (85m show / 25m riot footage) 111 Pro A
GUNS N ROSES 2/22/92 Live at The Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 173 Pro A+
GUNS N ROSES 4/6/92 Live at Myriad Arena, Oklahoma City, OK 184 Pro A
GUNS N ROSES 4/9/92 Live at Rosemont Horizons, Chicago, IL (w/ Coma, Estranged) 178 Pro A
GUNS N ROSES (Gilby Clarke) 4/20/92 Live at The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, Wembley Stadium, London 31 Pro A+
GUNS N ROSES 6/6/92 Live at The Hippodrome, Vincennes, France 151 Pro A+
GUNS N ROSES 12/2/92 Live at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile 111 Pro A
GUNS N ROSES 1991 - 1992 Making Fucking Videos Trilogy (The Making of Don’t Cry, November Rain, Estranged) 184 Pro A+
GUNS N ROSES 7/17/93 Live at River Plate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina (final show) 91 Pro A
GUNS N ROSES 1988 - 1993 TV Collection - Live, Videos & Interviews 167 Pro V
GUNS N ROSES 1/14/01 Live at The Rock in Rio 3 Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 147 Pro A
GUNS N ROSES 5/17/06 Live at The Hammerstien Ballroom, NYC (w/Sebastian Bach and Izzy Stradlin) 152 Aud 2-cam A
GUNS N ROSES 5/27/06 Live at The Rock in Rio Festival, Bela Vista Park, Lisbon, Portugal 100 Pro A+
GUNS N ROSES 6/2/06 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 89 Pro A+
GUNS N ROSES 9/23/06 Live at Hyuandai Pavillion, Devore, CA (webcast) 132 Pro A-
GUNS N ROSES 12/16/09 Live at Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan 194 Screen A
GUNS N ROSES 3/22/10 Live at Estadio Jose Amalfitani, Buenos Aires, Argentina 152 Aud A
GUNS N ROSES 8/27/10 Live at The Reading Festival, England 27 Pro A
GUNS N ROSES 10/2/11 Live at The Rock in RIo 4 Festival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 139 Pro A+
GUNS N ROSES 12/21/11 Live at The Forum, Inglewood, CA (from webcast) 182 Pro A-
GUNS N ROSES 12/30/11 Live at The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV (from webcast) 180 Pro A