CACOPHONY (Becker, Friedman) 10/2/88 Live at Guitar Institute of Technology, Los Angeles, CA 63 Aud B+
CAFFERY, CHRIS (Savatage, TSO) 9/20/08 Live at Flushing Library Auditorium, Queens, NY 58 Pro A+
CAL JAM 4/6/74 Ontario Motor Speedway, CA - Black Sabbath/ELP/Deep Purple and more 111 Pro B+
CAL JAM 2 3/18/78 Ontario Motor Speedway, CA - Aerosmith/Nugent/Heart/Foreigner and more 85 Pro A
CAMPBELL, VIVIAN 1989 Live at Guitar Institute of Technology, Los Angeles, CA 75 Pro A-
CANDLEBOX 2/9/94 Live at The Edge, Palo Alto, CA 80 Aud B+
CANDLEBOX 1994 TV Collection (Letterman, Woodstock, In Concert, John Stewart) 34 Pro V
CANDLEMASS 10/17/89 Live at Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, Holland 100 Aud A
CANTRELL, JERRY (AliceInChains) 4/27/02 Live at City Fest, Charlotte, NC 39 Pro A+
CARCASS 6/28/08 Live at The Gods of Metal Festival, Arena Parco Nord, Bologna, Italy 73 Aud A
CARCASS 6/7/14 Live at Rock Hard Festival, Gelsenkirchen, Germany 41 Pro A+
CARNIVORE (Peter Steele) 4/15/86 Live at L'amour, Brooklyn, NY 43 Aud A
CARS 11/22/78 Live on Rock Goes To College, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK 42 Pro A
CARS 9/11/84 Live at The Summit, Houston, TX (MTV version, 2 extra songs) 70 Pro A+
CARS 11/17/87 Live at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 88 Pro A
CARS 1979 - 1987 TV Collection - Midnight Special, Fridays 2x, SNL, Live Aid 64 Pro A
CARS 1978 - 1987 Video Collection - 23 Promo Videos 96 Pro A
CARS (Reunion) 5/13/11 Live at The Fox Theater, Oakland, CA 78 Aud A
CARS 5/22/11 Live at The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA 84 Aud A+
CARS 5/24/11 Live at Roseland Ballroom, New York City 81 Aud A+
CATS IN BOOTS 1990 Live in Osaka, Japan 38 Pro A
CAVALERA CONSPIRACY (Max) 6/26/08 Live at Hovefestivalen, Tromoy, Arendal, Norway 59 Pro A-
CAVALERA CONSPIRACY (Max) 6/28/08 Live at Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium 19 Pro A
CELLADOR 6/4/05 Live at the House of Bricks, Des Moines, IA 39 Aud 2-cam A
CELTIC FROST 5/17/85 Live at Grabenhalle, St. Gallen, Switzerland 58 Aud B+
CELTIC FROST 12/27/85 Live at Grabenhalle, St. Gallen, Switzerland 63 Aud B
CELTIC FROST 12/6/87 Live at Harpo's, Detroit, MI 36 Aud B
CELTIC FROST 3/3/89 Live at The Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 62 Pro A
CELTIC FROST 6/10/06 Live at The Sweden Rock Festival, Solresburg, Sweden 53 Aud A
CELTIC FROST 8/4/06 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 50 Pro A+
CELTIC FROST 8/19/06 Live on Rockworld TV Show, 13th Hour, Mean Fiddler, London 35 Pro A+
CHAPIN, HARRY 4/12/77 Live at WDR Studios, Koln, Germany 95 Pro A-
CHASTAIN (Leather Leone) 8/29/87 Live at Harpo's, Detroit, MI 74 Aud B+
CHEAP TRICK 1977 Live on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 22 Pro A-
CHEAP TRICK 1977 - 1978 Live at The Summit, Houston, TX (2 shows) 86 Pro B+
CHEAP TRICK 2/10/79 Live on BBCs Rock Goes To College, Brighton Polytechnic, UK 38 Pro A+
CHEAP TRICK 8/30/79 Live on Rockpalast, WDR Studios, Koln, Germany 74 Pro A+
CHEAP TRICK 8/5/81 Live at Chicagofest, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL 59 Pro A
CHEAP TRICK 10/15-16/83 Live at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 98 Pro A-
CHEAP TRICK 11/14/86 Live at Harpo's, Detroit, MI 79 Aud B+
CHEAP TRICK & FRIENDS 9/16/88 Live at Universal Amphitheater, Hollywood, CA (w/BonJovi/Motley/Whitesnake) 75 Pro A-
CHEAP TRICK 3/18/89 Live at MTVs Spring Break, Daytona Beach, FL 41 Pro A
CHEAP TRICK 1977 - 1990 Every Trick In The Book - Video Collecction 71 Pro A+
CHEAP TRICK 10/22/98 Live at The Living Arts Theater, Philadelphia, PA (1st LP S/T played completely) 80 Aud A
CHEAP TRICK 10/23/98 Live at The Living Arts Theater, Philadelphia, PA (2nd LP In Color played completely) 71 Aud A
CHEAP TRICK 10/24/98 Live at The Living Arts Theater, Philadelphia, PA (3rd LP Heaven Tonight played completely) 89 Aud A
CHEAP TRICK 12/31/99 Live at Disneyland, Orlando, FL 40 Pro A
CHEAP TRICK 8/11/01 Live at The Majestic Theater, Niagara Falls, NY 78 Pro A
CHEAP TRICK 1977 - 2003 TV Collection - Live, Videos, Interviews, etc. 238 Pro V
CHEAP TRICK 1/26/10 Live at St. Anne's Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY 55 Pro A+
CHEAP TRICK 7/13/10 Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York City 73 Aud A+
CHEAP TRICK 12/31/11 Live at Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL w/orchestra (from webcast) 118 Pro A-
CHERRY BOMBZ 9/3/86 Live at The Marquee, London, England 54 Pro A
CHICAGO 7/21/70 Live at Tanglewood Music Center, Lenox, MA 94 Pro 1-cam A
CHICAGO 9/4/80 Live at Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston, MI 67 Pro A
CHICKENFOOT 5/15/09 Live at The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, Canada (filmed from the front row) 105 Aud A
CHICKENFOOT 7/4/09 Live at Monteux Jazz Festival, Stravinski Auditorium, Montreux, Switzerland 49 Pro A
CHICKENFOOT 8/17/09 Live at The Beacon Theater, NYC 97 Aud A+
CHICKENFOOT 11/5/11 Live at Metro, Chicago, IL 106 Aud A
CHICKENFOOT 1/19/12 Live at Mitsubishi Electric Halle, Dusseldorf, Germany 108 Pro A+
CHICKENFOOT 5/27/12 Live at Rocklahoma, Pryor, OK 81 Pro A+
CHILDREN OF BODOM 7/12/03 Live at The Tuska Open Air Festival, Helsinki, Finland 34 Pro A+
CHILDREN OF BODOM 10/28/05 Live in Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland 66 Pro A+
CHILDREN OF BODOM 8/5/06 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 43 Pro A+
CHILDREN OF BODOM 8/6/11 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 56 Pro A+
CHILDREN OF BODOM 8/1/14 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 59 Pro A+
CINDERELLA (Jim Drnek, Drums) 6/20/85 Live at The Empire Club, Philadelphia, PA 70 Aud B+
CINDERELLA (Jim Drnek, Drums) 10/6/85 Live at The Galaxy, Somerdale, NJ 55 Aud A
CINDERELLA (Fred Coury, Drums) 9/13/86 Live at Hilton Coliseum, Ames, IA 40 Aud A
CINDERELLA 10/31/86 Live at Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada 39 Aud B+
CINDERELLA 11/1/86 Live at The Forum, Montreal, Canada 44 Aud A
CINDERELLA 7/2/87 Live at BV Palace, Vancouver, Canada 35 Pro C+
CINDERELLA 8/13/87 Live in Tokyo, Japan 75 Pro A
CINDERELLA 9/18/88 Live at The Sportatorium, Hollywood, CA 55 Aud A
CINDERELLA 4/26/89 Live at The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 106 Aud A-
CINDERELLA 8/12/89 Live at The Moscow Music Peace Festival, Lenin Stadium, Russia + 1 extra 43 Pro A+
CINDERELLA 5/3/91 Live at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI (not the Pro Shot official release) 108 Aud B+
CINDERELLA 5/7/91 Live at Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, PA 112 Aud A
CINDERELLA 1986 - 1991 Night Song/Gypsy Road/Heartbreak Station - Live & Video Compilation 105 Pro A+
CINDERELLA 8/2/98 Live at Pop's, Sauget, IL 83 Aud A-
CINDERELLA 6/16/02 Live at The Civic Center, Deluth, MN 61 Aud A
CINDERELLA 7/29/05 Live at The Taj Mahal Casino, Atlantic City, NJ 70 Aud A+
CINDERELLA 6/29/06 Live at Tachi Casino, Lemoore, CA 60 Aud A
CINDERELLA 3/19/10 Live at The Grizzly Rose Saloon, Denver, CO (stationary camera) 70 Aud A
CINDERELLA 6/3/11 Live at 4th & B, San Diego, CA 71 Aud A-
CIRCLE II CIRCLE 7/26/03 Live at Boomerz, St. Petersberg, FL 113 Aud B+
CIRCLE II CIRCLE 9/6/03 Live at ProgPower IV, Earthlink Live, Atlanta, GA 74 Aud A+
CIRCLE II CIRCLE 10/10/08 Live at Jaxx, Springfield, VA 60 Aud A-
CIRCLE II CIRCLE 8/27/11 Live at State Theater, St. Petersburg, FL 80 Aud A-
CIRCLE II CIRCLE 8/2/12 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany (from webcast) 45 Pro A-
CIRCLE JERKS 1/21/83 Live at The Community Center, Goleta Valley, CA 34 Aud A-
CIRCLE JERKS 6/24/86 Live at Fender's Ballroom, Long Beach, CA 29 Club A-
CIRCUS MAXIMUS 10/27/12 Live at Loud Park Festival, Super Arena, Saitama, Japan 60 Pro A+
CJSS (David Chastain) 12/31/86 Live at Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH 48 Pro B+
CLAPTON, ERIC 4/26/77 Live on The Old Grey Whistle Test, Shepherd's Bush, London, England 60 Pro A-
CLAPTON, ERIC 11/24/78 The Rolling Hotel Special, The Apollo Theater, Glasgow, Scotland 106 Pro A-
CLAPTON, ERIC 5/1/85 Live at The Civic Center, Hartford, CT 79 Pro A
CLAPTON, ERIC 9/21/88 Live at Shorline Amphitheater, Mountainview, CA 114 Pro A+
CLAPTON, ERIC 11/2/88 Live at The Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan (w/Mark Knofler, Elton John in his band) 89 Pro A+
CLAPTON, ERIC 1/24/90 Live at Royal Albert Hall, London, England (complete show, time coded) 152 Pro A
CLAPTON, ERIC 10/5/90 Live at Riverplate Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 145 Pro A
CLAPTON, ERIC 10/27/97 Live at Budokan Theater, Tokyo, Japan 96 Pro A+
CLAPTON, ERIC w/WINWOOD 2/28/08 Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City (w/Steve Winwood) 126 Screen A
CLAPTON, ERIC 6/28/08 Live at Hard Rock Calling Festival, Hyde Park, London, England (a little distant) 110 Screen A-
CLAPTON, ERIC 2/25/09 Live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan 115 Pro A+
CLASH 2/27/80 Live on Chorus TV, Palais de Sports, Paris, France 42 Pro A+
CLASH 3/8/80 Live at The Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ 86 Pro b/w A-
CLASH 2/1/82 Live on The Young Music Show, Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan 55 Pro A-
CLASH 5/30/82 Live at Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ 34 Pro 1-cam A
CLASH 5/28/83 Live at The US Festival, Glen Helen Park, Devore, CA 76 Pro A
CLASH 1977 - 1983 TV Collection - Live & Interviews, etc 120 Pro V
CLASH 1991 MTV Rockumentary 25 Pro A
CLUTCH 10/10/97 Live at The Abyss, Houston, TX 73 Aud A
CLUTCH 2/18/98 Live at The Palladum, Worcester, MA 60 Aud A
CLUTCH 2/20/98 Live at Lupo's, Providence, RI 33 Aud A
CLUTCH 5/27/98 Live at Club Rio, Tempe, AZ 35 Aud A
CLUTCH 7/9/98 Live at Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte, NC 59 Aud A
CLUTCH 2/7/99 Live at Moose's Music Hall, Knoxville, TN 70 Aud A
CLUTCH 11/18/00 Live at Masquerade, Atlanta, GA 54 Aud A
CLUTCH 8/31/02 Live at The Taste Of Madison Festival, Madison, WI 40 Aud A
CLUTCH 7/7/05 Live at The Target Center, Minneapolis, MN 47 Aud A
CLUTCH 9/7/05 Live at The Opera House, Toronto, Canada 109 Aud A
CLUTCH 1993 - 2007 Video Collection 75 Pro V
CLUTCH 6/13/04 Live at Essigfabrik, Koln, Germany 91 Pro A+
CMT OUTLAWS 9/7/04 Live at Gaylord Entertainment Center, Nashville, TN (James Hetfield, Kid Rock, Hank Williams Jr) 87 Pro A+
COLLECTIVE SOUL 5/4/95 Live at Musique Plus Studios, Montreal, Canada 30 Pro A
COLLECTIVE SOUL 9/96 Live at New Pop Festival, Baden, Germany 57 Pro A-
COLLECTIVE SOUL 2/2/97 Live at Snow Job 97, Marble Mountain, Newfoundland, Canada 48 Pro A-
COLLECTIVE SOUL 7/25/99 Live at Woodstock 99, Griffis Air Force Base, Rome, NY 58 Pro A
COLLECTIVE SOUL 8/99 Live on VH1s Hard Rock Live, Sony Music Studios, NYC 22 Pro A-
COLLECTIVE SOUL 7/15/10 Live at The Moondance Jam, Walker, MN 26 Pro A+
COLLOSEUM II (Gary Moore) 1/14/78 Live on BBC Sights and Sounds, Victoria Palace, London, England 36 Pro A-
CONCEPTION (Roy Kahn) 1/31/94 Live at Knaack Klub, Berlin, Germany 60 Aud B+
CONCEPTION (Roy Kahn) 5/2/97 Live at Vieta-Scene, Trondheim, Norway 74 Aud B+
CONCEPTION (Roy Kahn) 1997 Live in Norway 70 Aud B+
CONEY HATCH 1985 Home Video (4 promo videos) 17 Pro A
CONEY HATCH 4/30/94 Live at RPM Club, Toronto, Canada 70 Aud B
CONTRABAND 1991 TV Compilation (Michael Schenker / Bobby Blotzer / Tracii Guns / Rich Black / Share Pederson) 70 Pro A
COOPER, ALICE 1969 - 1978 Sick Things Compilation (Live, Interviews, etc.) 193 Pro V
COOPER, ALICE 7/4/71 Live at The Sunshine Inn, Asbury, Park, NJ 32 Aud b/w A-
COOPER, ALICE 4/9/79 The Strange Case Of... San Diego Sports Arena, CA 73 Pro A
COOPER, ALICE 12/81 Live in Paris, France - TV Special 47 Pro A
COOPER, ALICE 2/14/82 Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 50 Aud B
COOPER, ALICE 11/6/87 Live at Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN 74 Aud B+
COOPER, ALICE 11/18/87 Live at Veteran Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT 74 Aud A-
COOPER, ALICE 7/19/90 Live at Panathinaikos Stadium, Athens, Greece 46 Pro A-
COOPER, ALICE 8/27/90 Live at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan 98 Aud B
COOPER, ALICE 7/14/91 Live on ABCs In Concert, Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA 20 Pro A+
COOPER, ALICE 9/10/91 Live at Courthouse Plaza, Towson, MD 25 Aud A-
COOPER, ALICE 10/22/91 Live at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 84 Aud A-
COOPER, ALICE 1973 - 1991 Video Collection (12 Videos) 50 Pro V
COOPER, ALICE 9/2/95 Live on The Monsters of Rock tour, Pacaembu Stadium, Sao Paulo, Brazil 49 Pro A-
COOPER, ALICE 9/7/95 Live at Teatro Caupolican, Santiago, Chile 76 Pro A-
COOPER, ALICE 9/9/95 Live at Ferrocarril Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina 58 Pro B+
COOPER, ALICE 6/6/04 Live at The Gods of Metal Festival, Balogna, Italy 71 Aud A
COOPER, ALICE 9/9/07 Live at The Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA 66 Aud A+
COOPER, ALICE 9/18/07 Live at FM Kirby Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA (headlining show) 104 Aud A+
COOPER, ALICE 10/30/08 Live at Bergen Performing Arts Center, Englewood, NJ 106 Aud A
COOPER, ALICE 10/29/11 Live at Alexander Palace, London, England 100 Pro A+
COOPER, ALICE 2011 Rage Australian TV Special (live, videos, interviews) 113 Pro A+
COOPER, ALICE 6/9/12 Live at Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN 100 Pro A
CORABI, JOHN 1/26/11 Live at Smokin' Joe's, West Allis, WI 71 Aud A
CORABI, JOHN 7/12/11 Live at Crystal Palace, Pontiac, IL 51 Aud A
CORNELL, CHRIS 4/13/07 Live in the Much Music Studios, Toronto, Canada 48 Pro A+
CORNELL, CHRIS 12/8/07 Live at The Personal Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina 93 Pro A+
CORNELL, CHRIS 12/15/07 Live on Sessiones TV Show, Vive Cuervo Salon, Mexico City, Mexico 51 Pro A
CORNELL, CHRIS 5/30/09 Live at The Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, Holland 60 Pro A+
CORNELL, CHRIS 11/12/11 Live at The Maquinaria Festival, Club Hipico, Santiago, Chile 62 Pro A+
CORNELL, CHRIS 11/13/11 Live at SWU Festival, Paulinia, Sao Paulo, Brazil 57 Pro A+
CORONER 3/4/90 Live at the Thrashing The Wall Festival, East Berlin, Germany 53 Pro A
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY 2/9/92 Live at JC Dobbs, Philadlephia, PA 28 Aud A-
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY 12/13/92 Live in Aalst, Belgium (filmed up front) 41 Aud B+
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY 1994 Live in Copenhagen, Denmark 71 Aud B
COSTELLO, ELVIS 5/5/78 Live at The Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ 51 Pro b/w A-
COSTELLO, ELVIS 6/15/78 Live at WDR Studio-L, Koln, Germany 46 Pro A+
COSTELLO, ELVIS 7/12/80 Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland 39 Pro A-
COSTELLO, ELVIS 10/15/83 Live at Grugahalle, Essen, Germany 99 Pro A-
COUNTING CROWS 4/15/94 Live at The Luxor Theatre, Koln, Germany 84 Pro A+
COUNTING CROWS 9/19/97 Live at Blockbuster Pavillion, Devore, CA 100 Pro A+
COUNTING CROWS 10/6/97 Live at The Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC 79 Pro A-
COUNTING CROWS 7/24/99 Live at Woodstock 99, Griffis Air Force Base, Rome, NY 63 Pro A-
COUNTING CROWS 1994/2003 TV Collection 45 Pro A
COUNTING CROWS 6/1/08 Live at Pink Pop Festival, Landgraaf, Holland 60 Pro A
COVERDALE/PAGE 12/20/93 Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 115 Aud A
CRADLE OF FILTH 5/18/98 Live at Canciller, Madrid, Spain 72 Aud B
CRADLE OF FILTH 12/15/00 Live at The Astoria, London, England 81 Aud A-
CRADLE OF FILTH 6/3/06 Live at The Rock am Ring Festival, Nurburgring, Eifel, Germany 36 Pro A+
CRADLE OF FILTH 6/11/06 Live at Download Festival, Donington Park, England (webcast) 44 Pro A-
CRADLE OF FILTH 8/4/12 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 38 Pro A+
CRADLE OF FILTH 8/1/15 Live at Wacken Open Air Festival, Germany 58 Pro A+
CRASHDIET 9/27/05 Live at Tavastia Club X3M, Helsinki, Finland 20 Pro A+
CRASHDIET 3/1/08 Live at Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden 38 Pro A
CREAM 1967 - 1968 TV Collection (Live, Videos and Interviews) 55 Pro V
CREAM 10/24/05 Live at Madison Square Garden, NYC 121 Aud 2-cam A+
CREED 1998 Much Music & In Concert - Live, Videos & Interviews 46 Pro A
CREED 7/25/99 Live at Woodstcok 99, Griffis Air Force Base, Rome, NY 70 Pro A+
CREED 6/23/00 Live at The PNC Art Center, Holmdel, NJ 49 Pro A-
CREED 1/16/02 Live on VH1s Opening Night, Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA 25 Pro A
CREED 2/19/02 Live at The Olympics, Salt Lake City, Utah 62 Pro A
CREED 11/2/02 Live at Alcatraz, Alcatraz Island, CA 27 Pro A+
CREED (Reunion) 4/21/12 Live at Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT 110 Aud A+
CRIMSON GLORY 10/26/86 Live in Eindhoven, Holland 71 Aud A-
CRIMSON GLORY 5/13/89 Live at Nova Zembla, Herleen, Holland 73 Aud A-
CRIMSON GLORY 6/19/89 Bay Area Awards Ceremony, Clearwater, FL 20 Aud B
CRIMSON GLORY 6/20/89 Live at The Rockit Club, Tampa, FL 55 Aud B+
CRIMSON GLORY 9/2/89 Live at Manatee Civic Center, Bradenton, FL (a little grainy) 80 Pro B+
CRIMSON GLORY (Wade Black) 4/25/00 Live at Hydrogius, Thessalonika, Greece 77 Aud A-
CRIMSON GLORY (Reunion) 7/21/06 Live at The Rockwave Festival, Malakasa, Greece 61 Aud A-
CRIMSON GLORY (Todd LaTorre) 4/27/11 Live at Dynamo Club, Eindhoven, Holland (filmed up front) 93 Aud A
CRIMSON GLORY 4/30/11 Live at The Keep It True Festival, Lauda-Konigshofen, Germany 51 Aud A+
CRIMSON GLORY 5/8/11 Live at Rondpunt 26, Gent, Belgium (filmed up front) 87 Aud A
CRO-MAGS 4/5/86 Live at The Ritz, New York City 38 Aud B+
CRO-MAGS 8/30/86 Live at L'amours, Brooklyn, NY 36 Aud A-
CROSBY, STILLS & NASH 10/4, 7/73 Live at Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA 99 Pro b/w A-
CRUCIFIED BARBARA 3/28/06 Live at Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland 43 Pro A+
CRUCIFIED BARBARA 9/18/11 Live at Berlin Live, Berlin, Germany 28 Pro A+
CRUMBSUCKERS 4/27/86 Live at CBGB's, New York City 44 Aud B+
CRUMBSUCKERS 6/7/86 Live at The Ritz, NYC 40 Club A-
CRUMBSUCKERS 8/22/86 Live at L'amours, Brooklyn, NY 31 Aud B+
CRUMBSUCKERS 12/13/86 Live at Alliance Hall, Baltimore, MD 53 Aud B+
CRUMBSUCKERS 12/19/86 Live at L'amours, Brooklyn, NY 35 Aud A
CRUMBSUCKERS 5/22/88 Live in Houston, TX 42 Aud A-
CRUMBSUCKERS (J. Haggerty vox) 12/27/88 Live at Donkey Shot, Heemskerk, Holland 55 Aud A-
CRY OF LOVE 2/6/94 Live at The Ritz, Ybor City, Tampa, FL 80 Aud A-
CRY OF LOVE 7/5/94 Live at Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI 61 Aud A-
CULT 12/6/85 Live at The Ritz, New York City 31 Pro A-
CULT 6/8/86 Live at Provinssirock Festival, Seinjoki, Finland 29 Pro A-
CULT 3/13/87 Live at Brixton Academy, London, England (part of compilation below) 31 Pro A+
CULT 1984 - 1987 UK TV Compilation (OGWT / The Tube / Bliss TV / BBC In Concert) 76 Pro V
CULT 12/13/89 Live at The Skydome, Toronto, Canada 102 Aud A
CULT 12/12/91 Live at Sports Palace, Mexico City, Mexico 89 Pro A
CURE 8/22/98 Live at The Bizarre Festival, Koln, Germany 89 Pro A-
CURE 6/22/12 Live at Hurricane Festival, Schessel, Germany 58 Pro A+
CURRIE, CHERIE 12/2/95 Live at The Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA 44 Aud A
CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL 6/1/88 Live at The Cat Club, New York City (filmed up front) 30 Aud A-
CYNIC 4/1/89 Live in Hallandale, FL 43 Aud A
CYNIC 1/24/94 Live in Davie, FL 44 Aud A-
CYNIC 6/10/94 Live in Detroit, MI 41 Aud A-
CYNIC 6/29/07 Live at Hovefestivalen, Arendal, Norway 60 Pro A